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Google+ Pages

Google+ now has business pages! For those that have joined Google+ already understand how simple it is to use, and building a business page looks

SEO Has The Greatest Influence

Webmarketing123 just released a report that surveyed 500 different marketing professionals, asking what has the biggest impact in the realm of internet marketing. What had the biggest

What Does Google Think of SEO?

There are a lot of people that seem to have negative opinions of SEO, they think that the work is considered spam and is not

Reconsideration Submission For Your Website

Google’s Panda update has affected more and more websites as time has gone on. A lot of you may feel that you were unfairly given

SEO Myth: Shared Hosting Will Affect My Rankings

SEO Myth: Shared Hosting Will Affect My Rankings

Sometimes it is avoidable for small businesses to have their website on a shared hosting server. If you are not familiar with shared hosting, more

The Google+ Floodgates are Open

If you go onto Google’s Homepage right now you more than likely are going to see a blue arrow. This blue arrow will be drawn

One Simple Way to Make Your Website Better

A good website starts by having good content. If a client goes to your website and cannot tell instantly what services your company provides, where

Does Internet Marketing Work?

I love to express praise for and support local businesses. There are many people with great ideas but with out the proper market strategies, their

How to Produce Online Content that Stands Out

As the world becomes more digital, businesses are turning to the internet for their marketing and advertising needs. While this makes finding products and services

Subscribing to Your Favorite Facebook People/Pages

Subscribing to Your Favorite Facebook People/Pages

The battle between Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ keeps getting more and more interesting. It all can be of great benefit to yourself, or to

Starting To Go To A Global Scale With Your Business

Starting To Go To A Global Scale With Your Business

There are a lot of amazing tools on the Internet that can help you when you want to expand your business globally. One of the

The Johnny Cash Project and Your Business

Today is the 8th anniversary of the death of one of my all time favorite artists, Johnny Cash. With the power of social media, and

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