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No one becomes number one in anything with lackluster leadership, and Boostability is no exception. Our leadership team constantly innovates new ways to provide optimization services to small businesses around the world.

Gavan Thorpe Boostability CEO

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At Boostablity, our people are the best of the best

Our results-driven leadership team care about our team members, our customers, and our partners. It’s the individualized attention and commitment to our growing global corporation that makes Boostability such a special place.

Gavan Thorpe Boostability Chief Executive Officer
Gavan Thorpe


Jared Turner Boostability Chief Technology Officer
Jared Turner

Founder & CTO

Russ Larson Boostability Chief Financial Officer
Russ Larson


Matt Tennison Boostability Vice President of Business Development and Partners
Matt Tennison

VP of Business Development & Partners

Nathan Judd Boostability Vice President of Fulfillment
Nathan Judd

VP of Fulfillment

Trish Bingham Boostability Vice President of Client Services
Trish Bingham

VP of Client Services

Taud Olsen Boostability Vice President of People
Taud Olsen

VP of People

April Nuttall Boostability Director of International Operations
April Nuttall

VP of Operations

Matt Salzl Boostability Director of Sales
Matt Salzl

VP of Sales

Stew Sucher Boostability Director of Product
Stew Sucher

Director of Product

Aaron Presbury Boostability Director of Partners
Aaron Presbury

Director of Partners

Jeannine Thalman Boostability Human Resources Director
Jeannine Thalman

HR Director

Kodie Francom Boostability Director of Engineering
Kodie Francom

Director of Engineering

Thierry Crepin Boostability European Operations Director
Thierry Crepin

European Operations Director

Ryan Clarke Boostability Director of IT
Ryan Clarke

Director of IT

Chase Brown Boostability Senior Fulfillment Manager of Content and Websites
Chase Brown

Senior Fulfillment Manager of Content/Websites

Matt Christensen Boostability Senior Manager of Website Client Services
Matt Christensen

Sr. Manager of Client Services and QA

Colton Miller Boostability Director of SEO
Colton Miller

Director of SEO

Kristine Pratt Boostability Director of Content
Kristine Pratt

Director of Marketing

Kyle Manning Boostability Senior Manager of Client Services
Kyle Manning

Sr. Manager of CS Training

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