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SEO for Paid Media Advertising Agencies

Our white label SEO services help grow paid media and advertising agencies in scaling their businesses and creating additional revenue streams. We work behind the scenes to deliver the SEO strategy, you take the credit for offering a great product!

SEO and Paid Advertising Go Hand-in-Hand

Without a well-functioning, responsive, and optimized website, you give your competitors the opportunity to rank higher than you. Adding SEO to your lineup will not only complement your paid media efforts, but it will give your client’s an even greater opportunity to be seen online!

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable and profitable partnership for paid media agencies by delivering data-driven strategies that will generate results for their clients. So, what does a partnership with Boostability look like?
Paid advertising agencies that join our SEO reseller program will receive:
  • A full service SEO strategy designed by a team of experts to fit your client’s unique needs.
  • A dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) to oversee the success, communication, and overall relationship of the partnership.
  • Access to the Sales Support team for educational materials on what SEO is, how to sell SEO effectively, and how to increase your close rate.
  • Proprietary technology and reporting software providing transparency into the campaign, deliverables, and overall progress.
White Label SEO Program Details
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How is SEO Valuable for Paid Advertising Agencies?

SEO can be a resourceful and long-lasting service to add to your agency. While paid advertising generates revenue more quickly than SEO, SEO can be a more cost-effective and long-term solution that gets your clients to rank in the top ten positions on search engines.

Both paid advertising and SEO work together to get your clients ranking higher on search engines organically and within ad placements. Doing so has shown to increase buyer trust in a brand.
SEO is the missing tool your clients will need to help organically stay at the top of search results.

Still not sure if adding SEO is right for your agency? Here’s how you and your clients can both benefit from adding SEO services to your lineup:

1. SEO is an Additional Revenue Stream

Along with gaining increased traffic, who doesn’t love adding a new revenue stream into their agency lineup? Especially when it complements your existing business model. SEO and paid advertising go hand-in-hand. Adding SEO creates more opportunities for your clients to reach their goals and increase online sales by increasing their visibility among searchers. SEO also requires an ongoing process, it’s not a one-time project. Therefore, it can become a sustainable and recurring revenue stream for your business.

2. White Label Partnerships Reduce Risks and Cost

Adding a new service can sometimes seem a bit intimidating or daunting to commit to, especially with the high risk that’s typically involved in entering into a new market. When you partner with Boostability, you eliminate the fear of paying high costs and reduce risks. With over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of white label SEO marketing and have helped countless partners around the world succeed in this industry. You won’t have to take on any additional risk associated with a new service because we will do that for you. In addition to that, Boostability has access to necessary tools, software, and resources so you won’t have to spend a dime on extra subscriptions that are required to carry out a successful SEO campaign.

3. Partnering with SEO Experts

In an industry that’s fast paced and constantly changing, it’s important to know where your agency stands and how to move forward without missing a beat. When you partner with Boostability, you’re guaranteed to have a team of dedicated SEO professionals helping you every step of the way. Whether it comes to researching algorithm updates, running tests, or monitoring positive and driven results impacting your clients; Boostability is there with expert SEO knowledge to help save the day.

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