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SEO for PR Agencies

SEO and PR are separate verticals, but they share the same goal—increasing a businesses’ authority and exposure to generate higher rankings and a stronger reputation online. Instead of working independently, the two can generate more value and growth for a business when combined together.

Boostability partners with public relations agencies to deliver data-driven white label SEO services helping to increase their client’s positioning on search engines and get found by the right kind of customer. Learn more below!

SEO & PR Services Can Work Together

While public relations and SEO are two separate marketing practices, the two share many similarities and can help benefit one another greatly to gain more traction and results.

Boostability’s white label SEO platform delivers strategic campaigns designed to help small businesses increase their online visibility and website traffic. We work behind the scenes for our partners and provide support in every area, including helping partners sell SEO services more effectively and increase their close rate.

What’s included for public relations agencies that partner with Boostability for help in delivering SEO to their clients?
  • A full service SEO strategy designed by a team of experts to fit your client’s unique needs.
  • A dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) to oversee the success, communication, and overall relationship of the partnership.
  • Our Sales Support team will join your sales calls for free to help you increase your close rate when pitching SEO to prospective clients.
  • Access to educational material, sales assets, and additional resources to help you and your team better understand what search engine optimization is and how to communicate it the right way.
  • Proprietary technology and reporting software will provide transparency into the campaign, deliverables, and overall progress.
White Label SEO Program Details
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How Can SEO and PR Help One Another?

Both SEO and PR have a common goal of helping websites gain exposure and a stronger reputation to attract targeted customers that are more likely to convert into qualified leads and sales. Combining the connections an established public relations company has with authoritative online sources, and a full-service SEO campaign, can enhance the value the client receives in the end, resulting in more trust, authority, and higher positioning.

Are you still on the fence on whether your agency and clients can benefit from SEO? Take a look below at what you can expect as an SEO partner:

1. Create a New Revenue Stream with SEO

Along with gaining increased traffic, who doesn’t love adding a new revenue stream into their agency lineup? Especially when it complements your existing business model. The success of both SEO and PR is more intertwined than it is separate. Partnering with a dedicated white label SEO company can provide numerous opportunities for your business and clients including higher online rankings, increased exposure to a targeted audience, and more sales.

SEO is also an ongoing process and not a one-time project. SEO can offer sustainable and recurring growth for businesses that is not directly tied to a larger ad spend. Partnering with Boostability can ensure that your client campaigns are continually monitored and optimized.

2. A Partnership Can Lower Costs and Risks

Partnering with a dedicated agency to provide SEO services for PR firms is a commitment, but taking this route is less risky and costly than doing so independently. Entering new markets comes with high risks and costs, but Boostability is already an established presence in the SEO industry with partners located around the world. We also have teams of experts, tools and software, and many other resources necessary to execute on a well-thought out SEO campaign. Therefore, you won’t have to take on any significant risk because we will do that for you!

3. Working with Experienced SEO Professionals

In an industry that’s fast paced and constantly changing, it’s important to know where your agency stands and how to move forward without missing a beat. When you partner with Boostability, you’re guaranteed to have a team of dedicated SEO professionals helping you every step of the way. Our search experts extensively research Google algorithm updates and changes, and execute strategies based on those findings and what small businesses need to succeed online. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of partners worldwide, Boostability is equipped with expert SEO knowledge that can help both your agency and clients.

4. Partner Growth Managers Communicate and Oversee Every Detail

A major pain point for agencies is not having a dedicated point of contact to speak to when questions or needs arise. We understand the frustration and bottleneck this can cause, which is why each of our partners are assigned a dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) to oversee the success of the partnership. Dedicated PGM’s will communicate and oversee every detail of the campaign providing transparency and insight into the campaign’s performance. In addition to that, they provide educational material and resources for you and your team to increase your understanding of how SEO works so you can better communicate with your clients on it.
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