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SEO for Social Media Agencies

Social media is a separate vertical from search engine optimization, but the two can provide significant value when combined together to generate growth for a business. Boostability partners with social media agencies to deliver data-driven white label SEO services helping to increase their client’s positioning on search engines and get found by the right kind of customer. Learn more below!

SEO and Social Media Work Together

Social media plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness, developing authority, and getting website content placed in front of a high-intent audience. Pair this with SEO, your client’s websites can become even more powerful on search engines and social media platforms. Social media and SEO can help maximize a website’s performance by working together to get valuable information in front of consumers that are most likely to convert.

Boostability is committed to helping our partners deliver quality SEO campaigns to their clients, and in turn, increasing their own fulfillment capabilities and profits for their own business. We work behind the scenes to deliver the SEO strategy, you take the credit for offering a great product!

For social media agencies that partner with us to become SEO resellers, here’s what you can expect from us:
  • A full service SEO strategy designed by a team of experts to fit your client’s unique needs.
  • A dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) to oversee the success, communication, and overall relationship of the partnership.
  • Access to the Sales Support team for educational materials on what SEO is, how to sell SEO effectively, and how to increase your close rate.
  • Proprietary technology and reporting software providing transparency into the campaign, deliverables, and overall progress.
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How Can SEO and Social Media Help One Another?

Social media and SEO can help one another by getting valuable information placed in front of a business’s target audience and then driving referral traffic back to the website to convert. Website content should align with searcher intent to increase their ability to rank high for the right keywords, thus driving valuable traffic to your client’s site. While the nature of SEO makes this a slower process, it tends to be one of the more sustainable growth solutions for businesses over time.

However, social media has the ability to speed up this process and increase a website’s performance at a faster rate, can help boost SEO performance! Instead of working independently of one another, social media agencies can benefit from incorporating SEO into their service offerings by elevating the quality and success of their client campaigns.

Are you still on the fence on whether your agency and clients can benefit from SEO? Here's more on what to expect from white label SEO marketing:

1. SEO Adds Another Revenue Stream

Along with gaining increased traffic, who doesn’t love adding a new revenue stream into their agency lineup? Especially when it complements your existing business model. The success of both SEO and social media is more intertwined than it is independent. Adding SEO creates more opportunities for your clients to reach their goals and increase online sales by increasing their visibility among searchers while social media can help generate faster results by targeting the right people.

SEO is also an ongoing process and not a one-time project. If businesses want to see sustainable growth from it, strategies need consistent monitoring and optimization which creates a recurring revenue stream for agencies delivering on the service.

2. Reduced Risk and Overhead Costs

Adding a new service can be intimidating and difficult to commit to, especially with the high risk that’s typically involved as a new market entry. When you partner with Boostability, you eliminate the fear of paying high costs because we have everything you need to start implementing SEO–a team of experts, tools and software, and many other necessary resources.

And with over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading white label SEO agency and have helped countless partners around the world succeed in this industry. Therefore, you won’t have to take on any significant risk because we will do that for you!

3. Working with Experienced SEO Professionals

In an industry that’s fast paced and constantly changing, it’s important to know where your agency stands and how to move forward without missing a beat. When you partner with Boostability, you’re guaranteed to have a team of dedicated SEO professionals helping you every step of the way.

Our search experts extensively research Google algorithm updates and changes, and execute strategies based on those findings and what small businesses need to succeed online. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of partners worldwide, Boostability is equipped with expert SEO knowledge that can help both your agency and clients.

4. Dedicated Partner Growth Managers

A major pain point for agencies is not having a dedicated point of contact to speak to when questions or needs arise. We understand the frustration and bottleneck this can cause, which is why each of our partners are assigned a dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) to oversee the success of the partnership.

Your PGM will provide you with complete transparency on the campaign as well as provide educational material and resources on how to better sell SEO services. And if you have a client on a call and need help closing the deal, our Sales Support team can help you make that sale!
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