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White Label SEO FAQs

You have questions? We have answers. This white label SEO FAQ is a guide to all the questions you have about our approach to white label SEO.
What is white label SEO?
How does SEO work?
How long does it take to see results?
What should I expect after I make a sale?
What tasks does Boostability use to improve website rank?
How does a client know that SEO is working for them?
How does Boostability price SEO?
What parts of SEO does Boostability handle?
Does Boostability outsource work?
How do I show my client their campaign progress?
What tools does Boostability provide?
What marketing materials does Boostability provide?

White label marketing is also known as private labeling. Essentially it means that we do the SEO work under YOUR own brand name. This business model means we can help you sell SEO, service the campaign, we get the website ranking, and you get the credit. When we do the SEO work, we do it with your brand in mind. White label SEO services helps keep the cost low. And you can offer a high-revenue digital product without bringing on additional resources and cost for your customers.

Search engines, like Google, look at two things when evaluating a website and deciding where to rank it – relevance and trust. Relevance looks at the quality of the on-site content on a website and the code behind the scenes. Building relevance means optimizing the code, and making sure the content accurately represents the business and the brand. Trust refers to off-site SEO tactics and giving your site a digital vote of confidence. If a large number of high-quality sites point back to it and your content satisfies the searcher’s intent, then the Google algorithm will start to trust it more and move it up in the rankings. These tasks make up the work that goes into an SEO campaign.

Good organic SEO doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Many of our clients start to see their rankings rise within 3-4 months. In fact, 86% of our small business clients reach the 1st page of Google after 6 months of SEO work.

To know how a client’s campaign performs, we provide total transparency into all of the work that we do, under YOUR branding. We give each client access to our custom reporting dashboard, LaunchPad, that shows every single SEO task we complete. Clients can track how every dollar of their spend gets used, as well as monitor keyword movement and overall performance.

Boostability will reach out within 2-3 business days of the order form submission. Before the initial call, we will conduct preliminary research to provide our recommendations on target keywords and pages. On the call, we will explain the SEO product and confirm the keywords targeted for a client’s campaign and help you pitch and sell SEO services successfully. For additional support, our Sales Support team is there to help you close the deal and guide you through the process!

We can help with:

1. Keyword Optimization: It takes a lot to rank well for a keyword, so we conduct extensive research to find the very best ones for a campaign that will lead to success and satisfy searcher intent.

2. Website Optimization: From white label local SEO to global campaigns, we perform full-service website optimizations to enhance your online visibility.

3. Business Profile Development: To make sure Google and prospective customers know a business is active, we ensure that information about your client’s company is consistent across all business profile sites, like Google My Business.

4. Link Portfolio Development: Our white label link building gets the word out about your client’s business by creating a diverse portfolio of backlinks to the website and place them in strategic locations all over the web. These links are on popular industry sites, news sites, blogs, articles, and more.

5. Custom Content Creation: High-quality white label content marketing will keep a website fresh and at the top of the search rankings and keep potential customers interested.

6. Service and Performance Reporting: We install reporting tools that show businesses how their campaign performs, as well as in-depth reviews of all the work performed.

7. Campaign Monitoring and SEO Consulting: Our goal is to help small businesses succeed online. To help achieve this we actively monitor every SEO campaign to identify areas for improvement. This provides us with vast amounts of data that help show us changes in search engine’s algorithms before they even get announced.

Boostability provides total transparency into the work that we perform. Each client gets access to a custom reporting dashboard, under your branding, showing every SEO action performed both on and off their website. Clients can track every action performed, as well as monitor keyword movement and overall performance. We also provide monthly updates for all SEO customers to review campaign activity and performance.

Get a better understanding of SEO reports in our article “How Long Does SEO Take to Work for a Business?

Boostability has a flexible pricing model. We can accommodate budgets and markets of any level. Our partner model allows us to accommodate large internet service companies and small agencies.

This model provides our partners with up to a 50/50 rev share. Essentially, this is a high-value product you can implement quickly, and creates a strong revenue stream for your business.

See what each SEO Reseller Plan entails here!

Boostability handles everything for an SEO campaign. From top to bottom, we do all fulfillment tasks for a client’s campaign, under your own branding. That includes keyword research, onsite copy and optimization, link building, and much more. We also hold monthly reporting calls to show the progress made on a campaign.

No! Boostability is US-based and all our work is done in-house by our own employees. Our content is also all written by native speakers in all 9 languages we service.

We have a 100% transparent reporting dashboard with your branding that shows the progress and tasks performed on every client campaign. You can check on the progress of your clients. Your clients can also log in to see how every dollar of their budget gets spent. This dashboard shows the progress of keywords, and what page of Google they rank on, the Work History, Analytics, and so much more.


Learn more about our white label SEO dashboard here!

One of our most popular tools is the personalized Sales Support. It’s part of the white label SEO services where we help close sales under your branding as a member of your own SEO team. We have a one-call-close method that helps close sales more than 30% of the time.

Boostability offers full marketing support, fully white labeled to help you successfully sell SEO to your clients. We provide case studies, one sheets, product feature sheets, white papers, and more. When you succeed, we succeed.

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