White Label SEO - Ultimate Guide

White label SEO is one of an agency’s most fruitful business decisions. It’s a solid way to make big wins for your digital marketing agency by scaling your business and delivering exceptional results for your clients.


White label SEO platforms are popular because they work. SEO is necessary for all businesses, industries, and websites. It’s the nature of our digital world and how we find information today.


This ultimate guide is a toolkit to help you learn why becoming a white label SEO reseller is a big win for your business. We’ll provide all the information you’d ever want about the challenges, the benefits of white label SEO services, and much more.

What is White Label Marketing

White label marketing is when a business hires a third-party agency to deliver a marketing product on its behalf. The third-party agency operates behind the scenes, delivering the product or service using the hiring agency’s branding. That hiring agency, in turn resells the product or service to their customers and clients.


It’s a scalable and cost-effective way to add a new product without hiring new staff or buying new software to meet your customers’ needs. But there are so many more benefits beyond that.


Normally, a white-labeled product is done with no recognition required by the original company. In a white label SEO sense, the work is done for the end client on behalf of the reseller. Products, services, and touchpoints even have the reseller’s branding on them. The first company does all the work, and the second company gets all the credit for a well-done job.

white label seo marketing report


White label marketing really works because it benefits the end user. You get the expertise, knowledge, and experience of the white label provider who does one thing and does it really well. And that ultimately helps the reseller partner because they appear to be the expert.


It builds up their brand and authority. And the clients themselves benefit because they get that expertise to help their website or the product is made by the experts who specialize in it.


What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is when a digital marketing agency hires an outside company to deliver white label SEO services to their clients under their brand. The hiring company resells those services to their clients.


A white label SEO platform works well for both B2B and B2C products and services. This type of partnership is highly beneficial for generating new leads or cross-selling and up-selling the SEO service to their existing clients as an add-on to their primary product or service.



White Label SEO vs SEO Reseller: What’s the Difference?

White label SEO and SEO reseller services are fairly synonymous, but the difference lies within the roles of each one. Becoming a reseller for SEO means you’re selling organic search engine optimization solutions performed by a white label SEO provider instead of your in-house team.


white label seo vs reselling


White Label SEO

As we mentioned above, white label SEO marketing is the fulfillment of the SEO strategy and deliverables performed by a dedicated SEO agency on behalf of a company that is partnering with them as a reseller.


The provider acts as a member of the hiring company’s team. Therefore, they will use the hiring company’s branding instead of their own.



SEO Reseller

The reseller is the company that hired the white label SEO provider and is selling their services as their own. They will act as sales members and account managers for the SEO campaign.
Most resellers have existing businesses of their own and usually operate within an industry that would complement or benefit from SEO. These can be:


– Advertising agencies

– Website design and development agencies

– Social media planners

– Content marketing agencies

– Reputation management agencies

– Freelancers


SEO would be an add-on service to their primary service or product that they can either cross-sell or up-sell to existing clients for additional value. Or they can promote this to brand new clients.


This gives businesses several advantages:


1. It helps you reach more clients who want to grow their presence online beyond what you currently offer, like PPC, social media management, or other digital marketing services.



2. It gives you a new product to offer to your current clients, meaning you get the expertise of an agency that specializes in SEO. They have the research, the strategy, the base, and the technology to service your clients.



3. It helps build your own brand and diversify its product offering for long-term sustainability. Plus, it makes you look like a rock star to your clients for adding this in-demand product that really helps them grow their business.



White label SEO marketing supports you in scaling your digital marketing agency. Scalability is the key to growth for any business. Growth without exceeding the overhead costs of bringing on a new product or service.


Boostability’s white label SEO platform will allow you to expand your product offerings without the costs of developing it from scratch. It is truly a turnkey solution that allows for immediate growth.


Our program includes full SEO campaigns and packages. Each campaign has a dedicated Partner Manager who oversees client campaign performance and helps coordinate the strategy, along with our own client services team who work under your brand.


We have a white label SEO dashboard designed to track and analyze the progress of all campaigns. This type of partnership tends to yield a higher profit margin because there is a higher level of dedication to the success of the relationship.

What are the Benefits of White Label SEO Services?

Search engine optimization establishes a solid foundation for your business to build on over time. In a time where having a digital presence is necessary now more than ever, outsourcing SEO services is an asset in growing your business’s authority in the digital marketing industry.


Here are the main benefits of white label SEO for agencies:


white label seo benefits



1. New Revenue Stream

White label SEO marketing creates an opportunity for businesses to open a new revenue stream. Additionally, most white label companies offer revenue-sharing models, allowing the reseller to earn a commission on each sale. This can provide a recurring income stream and incentivize them to effectively promote the product or service.



2. Professional SEO Expertise

One of the greatest benefits of white label SEO for agencies is professional assistance and guidance. This means you don’t have to build your strategy alone in the dark. You can have faith in knowing that SEO professionals handle your client campaigns with care.


Additionally, your client campaigns can have multiple SEO professionals working on it at a given time. A major benefit is having your client campaigns optimized for SEO best practices by a team of SEO professionals rather than one individual.


White label SEO marketing adds value to your business by making it stronger and more recognizable than it was before. Relying on outsourcing presents opportunities to balance your business responsibilities and strengths.


Discuss and bring up your business goals, knowledge, vision, and insights. You have the expertise to add insight. From there, the white label SEO provider can take that information to create a strong online presence for your business and clients.


Who doesn’t love help from experienced professionals? Getting professional help from a white label SEO agency could be the biggest benefit to your business success.



3. Cost-Effective

Over time, white label for SEO agencies create a cost-effective solution for scaling their business. This business partnership saves agencies money by removing the overhead costs associated with hiring an SEO team.


When you implement a brand new strategy into your business plan, you want the best ROI. One benefit of saving money with a white label SEO platform is receiving productive professionals who work on your side without hiring an in-house team.


Hiring an in-house SEO team is expensive considering they require full-time salaries, health insurance, 401k, computers, and much more. Reputable white label SEO platforms are equipped with a team of SEO experts along with the necessary tools and software required for a data-driven SEO campaign.



4. Reduced Risk

Businesses take on large amounts of risk when entering a new market or introducing a new product or service. White label SEO marketing alleviates much of this burden due to partnering with an established white label provider.


White label SEO for agencies does not require a heavy up-front investment from the digital marketing agency. The reseller leverages the expertise, processes, products, services, and resources of the white label SEO provider.



5. Staying Up-to-Date

SEO constantly changes over time as a result of algorithm updates and new best practices released by Google (e.g. Mobile First Indexing, Core Web Vitals, and most recently, Google Search Generative Experience).


While it’s already hard to run your own business, keeping yourself up-to-date with features you’re unfamiliar with can be difficult. When your business seeks help with SEO, you can rely on your white label SEO providers to be knowledgeable on the latest updates, best practices, and studies.


They will know how to prepare, handle, and situate your business in the right position it needs to be in. This benefit can help improve your business’s quality, efficiency, and overall value over time.


Look at all the benefits of outsourcing SEO services and how it can help your business and clients!

What are the White Label SEO Challenges?

While a white label SEO platform has many benefits, we recognize the possible challenges that can arise—nothing is perfect!


white label seo marketing challenges


1. Communication

Communication between the white label SEO provider and reseller should be placed high on the priority list. Without it, gaining trust and understanding from one another can be difficult.



Resellers don’t work in the same office as the SEO agency, so it’s important to have constant communication set up between the two. Conflicts could occur more frequently if there is no constant communication on what is to be done for your business.



Having a good communication approach is one of the first steps your business could take to improve this challenge. One way to improve upon this is by having clear and set expectations from the beginning. This way you have expectations to look back on for reference.



Another way to improve your communication approach is to schedule regular meetings with your partner. This puts a habit of making sure that both parties are committed to a regular meeting. Even when everything is going well and there are no apparent problems, continue to communicate ensuring that success is on track.



With Boostability, communication is one of our main priorities. Through our free consultation, your business can talk to real individuals — not computers — on setting goals and expectations for your business’s SEO strategy. We will keep you informed every step of the way. It’s a part of our Boost method that the client comes first and we prioritize helping you succeed online.



2. Workflow Management

While you’re debating whether white label SEO marketing is right for you, be sure to look into the types of programs offered to you. By this we mean every provider has their own way of operating and managing their strategies.



SEO is a very detailed and organized process that should be recorded and coordinated in a proper way. A trusted white label SEO platform will work with you and your team to achieve the organization, process, and results needed for your business.



Within SEO there is onsite and offsite work to take into account and it’s important to find a company that has experience in knowing what they’re doing. Finding an agency that misses the mark by one step could put your business strategy behind your competitors.


3. Set Clear Expectations

Both the white label SEO provider and the reseller must establish clear expectations to have a great relationship. If there aren’t set expectations put into place, it could cause issues further down the road. These issues could be the way the strategy plays out, the pricing of what you agreed upon, or the conduct in which the relationship is held.



With Boostability, we invest in the best people to power your SEO campaigns. Understanding and achieving your business’s goals is a top priority. It’s at the forefront of our minds when delivering successful SEO strategies to your clients.

White Label SEO for Agencies: 5 Reputable & Trusting Characteristics

While every white label SEO platform has its own set of specialized services and way of doing things, the process is fairly similar across the board. But there are different things you need to look for in a partnership in order to maximize its success.



1. Transparent Process

You want to ensure that your SEO service provider does client campaigns individually and strategically. You want to know that they have a set strategy that they’ve been working on for a long time that will get results for your clients. You need to know they have the experience and not just great marketing to sell their product.


Experienced SEO companies have teams of experts who monitor the algorithm news and changes that could end up impacting your clients. You want to make sure they can handle those search algorithm updates, and know how to make pivots in strategy in order to not be negatively impacted by them.


Ask for information about their SEO process, how they’ll handle your clients, what goes into every partnership, and documentation that shows they can handle the kinds of customers you service. (More on that in a minute.)



2. Reliable Metrics and Reporting

On every type of service you ever receive, you want to ensure things are done correctly. And how do you do that? With documentation.


You want to see the work performed, how much each item costs, and the results at the end of it. In the SEO world, that comes through a dashboard and tools that track the SEO tasks performed.


It’s also important to take advantage of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to make sure that your website sees growth through the SEO work performed. Make sure any white label SEO platform brings a transparent reporting dashboard with it for all your client campaigns.



3. History of Success with Industry and Clientele Type

Case studies are crucial for white label SEO marketing. This will show you whether the white label SEO provider has a successful track record dealing with businesses and clients that are the same as or similar to yours.



Ask for case studies even if you’re in the discovery phase with a white label SEO provider. A reputable, trusted company will not hesitate to share its experience.



4. Sales Support

Another characteristic of a reputable and trustworthy white label SEO platform is its ability to assist you in selling the service — especially if your business is new to SEO.
Whether they have an internal Sales Support team or offer training on capturing more sales, this is an important characteristic to look for in a white label SEO platform.



Sales support works as an extension of your sales team. If you need help explaining the SEO process, or just want an arm of your sales team still working under your brand, you just connect a potential client with the sales support team, who will then walk your contact through the process. They will explain the entire SEO process and the different packages and pricing models that you offer to your clients.



At Boostability, our SEO Sales experts quickly determine your client’s needs and provide a white-glove experience from start to finish during the sale. In fact, we have a documented 30% close rate! This process ensures a smooth transition from the sales call all the way through the start of a client’s campaign and beyond.



5. Dedicated Growth Manager

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to explore when deciding which provider to partner with is ensuring you have a dedicated point of contact. With Boostability, this comes in the form of a Partner Growth Manager — someone to contact regularly when you want to talk about your clients and their campaigns.



These are your main points of contact, and you want to make sure they understand your business, your clients, and your industry inside and out. Also, get to know your growth manager before signing the contract to ensure it’s a good personality fit!



What’s Included in a White Label SEO Platform?

The answer depends because it differs for each white label SEO platform, but essentially, it’s the same at its core. The reseller gets a solid SEO campaign from professionals who do this type of work each and every day for hundreds or even thousands of campaigns. These SEO tasks can include:


challenges of white label seo services

– SEO audits

– On-site optimizations

– White label content marketing

– White label link building

White label local SEO

– Keyword research

– Metadata improvements

– Analytical tools

– Reporting


For those that partner with Boostability, your customers will get the full backing of our team. This means that a dedicated Partner Manager and the Client Services team will monitor client campaigns, coordinate communication, and develop and execute the SEO strategy. Data, dashboards, and information on how every single client campaign works will be available to you in your branding, not ours.



In addition to this, our partners will receive marketing support from Boostability to help sell SEO services. Whether you have a potential customer who’s on the fence about committing to an SEO campaign or needs help explaining the SEO process, our Sales Support team will be there to help you close the deal.



The best part? You earn 50% or more of the generated revenue without any overhead cost.

Boostability White Label SEO Marketing Delivers Quantifiable Results!

Our white label SEO platform enables our partners to build their business and book of business while trusting us to deliver quality SEO campaigns. While we do the heavy lifting, we are not just the workhorse in the relationship.



We work closely with all our partners to ensure they understand their client campaigns. It means we provide for these needs as though we were a member of their own team. Our program encourages our partners to establish themselves as the SEO authority and back it up with hard work and success for the clients.



The bottom line is that white label SEO is taking the expert Boostability SEO product and using it as your own product. And we’ve perfected the product for our partners who want to add a valuable product, with a high revenue return, that can help their small business customers succeed in their online presence and business strategy.



We know the value of SEO for small businesses. As do all of our partners. That’s why they sign up with us. They know that SEO is an incredibly high-value product for their customers and small businesses everywhere around the world. SEO gets them found in an era where we no longer walk down the street to find what we need. We go online. So not only does SEO provide this value, but it also becomes a very desirable product to offer.



Learn more about our white label SEO services and how we can get you selling in less than a week!


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