Today, it’s impossible to run a successful marketing campaign without some kind of search engine optimization. If you’re not optimizing, you’re letting one of your greatest resources go to waste. So how do you make the most of your online presence? While you may consider creating an in-house position, there are many benefits of outsourcing SEO, especially for small businesses.

The idea behind outsourcing SEO services can sometimes come off as confusing to some people. However, all it does is represent a partnership between your business and another SEO company. While the other SEO company does the SEO work for you, your company gets all the credit for doing it. In this way, when a client communicates individually with your business, they won’t be overwhelmed with knowing the partnerships your business has.

Learning the benefits of outsourcing SEO helps your business provide integrated and trustworthy services for your clients without jeopardizing their satisfaction. Don’t let your business fall behind. Learn more about the benefits of white label SEO services, how it can help your business, and determining where you should outsource SEO services for your company!


What are the Benefits of Outsourcing SEO?

1) SEO Expertise

Outsourcing SEO doesn’t just give you access to resources, such as content writing and link building. It connects you with knowledgeable professionals as well. This means you don’t have to build your strategy alone or in the dark. In fact, most white label partners prefer to nurture long-term relationships with clients. 

Relying on a business partner for SEO expertise allows you to play on both of your strengths. As the SEO reseller, you know your customers and your product; the white label SEO provider knows how to increase your online visibility. When you choose a firm to work with, you should communicate the following about your business’ priorities:

  • Long-term company goals
  • Short-term goals
  • Brand features such as tone and mission
  • Keywords and phrases you want your enterprise associated with
  • Improving the quality and authority of your website

Skilled SEO professionals can take this information and turn it into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Who doesn’t love help that could be a huge success for your business? Having professional SEO expertise could be the greatest benefit of outsourcing SEO you never knew you needed!

2) Expanding Your Client Base

Another benefit of outsourcing SEO is expanding your client base. This opens another avenue to generate recurring revenue by offering SEO services. Especially after the pandemic and more businesses having to switch their focus on creating an online platform, every business needs and can benefit from having SEO. By expanding your client base, you can pass it off to actual experts that would provide the service on your behalf. All while under your own branding. This is one of the many benefits of outsourcing to utilize for your business.

3) Consistent Staffing

In-house teams are typically made up of a few team members (depending on how large the company is). So if someone decides to leave that position, a large burden falls on the remaining employees to complete the work. If this kind of stressful atmosphere isn’t resolved quickly, it can create a snowball effect as more people leave due to burnout.

Having an in-house position for SEO is never a bad idea or option for a business to have. However, aligning your business’ available resources to your business goals may change whether or not it’s a good idea to add an in-house position. Let’s say your business may only be able to open one or a few spots. While you might not want more, this means your SEO relies solely on those few individuals. If we’ve learned anything from small businesses and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never knowing what’s coming next for your business. If the SEO specialist decided to leave, or had to be let go, you lose all of your knowledge and resources in advancing your organic strategy. SEO is a process that takes time and effort and losing that could set your business back.

Looking at the other side of not adding an in-house position, there are multiple benefits of outsourcing SEO. This can include increasing productivity and time management for your business by having a larger staff. SEO agencies typically have a larger staff and when someone is cut, there’s no need to worry about falling behind on the campaign progress.

4) Saves you Money

In the long term, one of the best benefits of white label SEO services is helping your business save money. When your business implements an SEO strategy into your business plan, you want the best ROI. When considering if you should outsource SEO, think of the value and ways you could save money through doing so. 

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing white label SEO services in ways to save your business money:

  • Trained staff: When you hire an in-house SEO position, you never know how skillful or experienced their contribution may be to the success of your business. When you utilize white label SEO services, you’re guaranteed to hire professionals who constantly update and refine their skills. In this sense, you’re saving money on acquiring skills that other individuals might not have experience in.
  • Buying appropriate tools: When your business uses white label SEO services, most companies are up to date and equipped with the tools your business needs to succeed. Lets say your business is at the starting line of learning about search engine optimization. You’re new to the competition against you in the race and have no direction or tools to help you take the first leap forward. SEO tools are vitally important in ranking and being recognized in your industry. Opting for a white label SEO service can benefit your business by saving money on tools you wouldn’t need to buy if your partner already has it for you.

All of this adds up, especially if you want to hire experienced professionals. High turnover can also exacerbate costs if you have to constantly train new people. When you partner with a dedicated agency, on the other hand, you only pay for services rendered. This gives you more control over expenses, which can drastically reduce your marketing costs.

5) Staying Up-to-Date Within Your Industry

An essential part of creating effective SEO is staying on top of online marketing developments. For example, the SEO world gets a shake-up every time Google updates its algorithm because these updates affect SERPs. When your business outsources SEO, you can rely on your white label SEO partners to be up to date and knowledgeable about these types of updates. They will know how to prepare, handle, and situate your business in the right position it needs to be in.

When you have a smaller team and fewer resources, it’s easy for something to be missed or ignored when an update happens. Keeping track of marketing news is a core part of an SEO firm’s business model. When your business isn’t knowledgeable about these types of areas, you want the benefits of white label SEO services to have your back. With more employees, the partnering agency can designate more personnel to optimize processes and strategies so you don’t have to. This approach can boost overall quality and efficiency for your business.

6) Comprehensive Reports

How can you tell if your campaign is effective? If you try to determine this on your own, you have to invest time and money into generating regular reports. Understanding your campaign’s effectiveness is essential to properly allocating your resources. Pouring energy into a strategy that doesn’t show an increase in key metrics is basically throwing money away. White label SEO companies already invest in the technology and labor needed to create reports, thereby saving you the trouble. This is a great benefit of white label SEO services for a business with no standings, understanding, or rankings within their industry.

7) Documentation

Did you know that only 37% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy? The reason for this comes from those businesses wanting to use their time and efforts towards a different task or effort. Not documenting your SEO strategy can really set your business back. Documenting helps keep track of what strategies are being implemented, what SEO tasks team members are working on, and what problems need to be looked back on in order to move forward.

Should you outsource SEO, you can ensure your marketing strategy is documented and is easy to reference for current strategies. Documentation is vital from an SEO perspective and helps provide context and detail for when information needs to be transferred or passed down. Having a partnering agency who documents the right information for your business is a great benefit of white label SEO services.

8) Industry Connections

A white label partner likely has industry contacts who can provide additional value to services, such as advertising, branding and logo design, and lead generation. It might also connect you to influencers and vendors who can promote your products. If you go the in-house route, you have to build this professional network yourself. Especially because of the pandemic, you’re more limited to making more connections in person. Having an outlet to resources that could help promote, share, or even produce content for your website could help strengthen your rankings. These types of advantages can boost your SEO strategy more than you know.


So, Should You Outsource SEO?

Looking over all of the options, it depends on what you feel is right for your business needs. However, there are multiple benefits of outsourcing SEO to help boost your business. While you focus on what’s best for your company, consider Boostability as your white label SEO provider! Not only can we provide the expertise and fulfillment for your business and clients, our Sales Support team can help you learn to sell SEO more effectively.



Aaron joined Boostability in 2012, bringing with him 10 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience. Prior to Boostability, Aaron was co-Founder and CEO of Limebloo, an e-commerce consulting and marketing agency. Aaron launched and operated 11 e-commerce stores in highly competitive industries, directing all revenue efforts from email marketing to paid marketing, traffic generation and returning customer transactions. Aaron grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, washing cars in England and enjoys traveling with his wife and 4 kids, running extreme relays and relaxing in the sauna!