An SEO Reseller is an agency that offers SEO (search engine optimization) services while relying on another white label company. An SEO reseller program functions with two parties: the agency offering the services and the SEO reseller. In order for white label companies to function, they rely on other agencies that resell their SEO services as their own.

Why Should You Become an SEO Reseller?

Becoming an SEO reseller can bring in many different benefits for your business. It can grow the number of products your agency offers. Growing your product line can help attract new clients to improve your overall revenue. 

Selling SEO also helps with upselling or cross selling other digital marketing services. If you offer web design services, it’s easy to cross sell SEO services to help their new website rank higher on search engines.

Is it Better to Be an SEO Reseller or a PPC Reseller?

Most marketers agree being an SEO reseller offers a higher and more long term revenue stream vs. being a PPC reseller. In fact, 70% of online marketers believe that SEO is more effective at generating sales than other marketing channels, such as PPC. While PPC (pay-per-click) is a valuable marketing channel that can drive leads more quickly than SEO, it’s directly tied to how much money is allocated to the ad budget. 

Yes, search engine optimization often has a slower initial momentum compared to paid advertising. However, it continues to generate leads and sales over time becoming a more sustainable marketing solution for businesses.

How can businesses take advantage of offering SEO in their product lineup? One option is becoming a white label SEO reseller. In this article, we are going to explain what an SEO reseller program is and what that partnership looks like for both parties involved. We’ll explore the benefits and challenges for both scenarios, and much more!

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What’s the Difference Between White Label SEO and SEO Reseller Services?

White Label SEO

White label marketing is when a company provides a marketing service or a product under another company’s branding (the SEO reseller). These two companies partner together and fulfill two separate initiatives. The white label provider runs the show behind the scenes for anything related to SEO. The SEO reseller is in charge of generating new leads or cross-selling and up-selling to existing clients.

White label SEO marketing are a specific type of white labeling. A dedicated SEO agency provides the reseller partner company with strategy, work, and support that are then delivered to the client under the reseller’s brand. Another term often used is private label SEO, which is synonymous with white label SEO services.

SEO Reseller

The SEO reseller is the other partner in this relationship that is in charge of selling SEO services to both their existing and new clients. SEO resellers are typically business owners who operate within the digital marketing industry or a complementing industry, like website development. The goal is to add additional services to their existing lineup as a means to generate new leads and revenue.

This is common with website design and development, social media, paid advertising agencies, and related organizations. They can add value to their existing clientele by also offering SEO and expanding into a new market.

What are the Benefits of Reselling SEO Services?

1. Better Availability and Use of Skills

SEO requires skills that your business may not have in-house at that moment. It is also difficult and expensive to find and hire an employee who can carry out these services. It requires a great deal of resources and time to learn how to carry out an effective SEO campaign. Especially if that’s not your primary service your business offers.

Some companies choose to take the in-house route and decide to build the team without the help of a partnership. This can quickly become overwhelming and an inefficient use of company resources.

A white label SEO reseller program can partner with a provider that would have the skills necessary. The aim is to help your business deliver a high quality, affordable SEO campaign for your existing and prospective customers,

2. Cost Effective Solution

SEO requires more than brilliance and talent. It requires software that can be costly (thousands of dollars per month), and both can become expensive fast. It is much more cost effective for one SEO company to purchase an agency-level subscription than for individual companies, or even separate marketing firms, to provide their own.

In addition, trying to provide competitive wages to an SEO expert to work in-house for your business can be extremely expensive. According to, the median salary for an SEO specialist in the United States in 2022 was approximately $72,000. Learning how to resell SEO services allows companies to realize economies of scale. They can then pass on to their clients, allowing everyone to save money.

SEO partner companies include these tools and services in their white label SEO packages, which saves you money.

3. Mutually Beneficial for Both Partnerships

SEO reseller programs are beneficial for both parties involved because it provides a steady flow of income and healthy profit margins. The SEO reseller is outsourcing search engine optimization services and providing the SEO agency with steady income.

In turn, the agency is executing the campaign and measuring the success. The reseller can then use it to close on even more sales. This makes for a mutually beneficial partnership sustained by results, thereby benefiting everyone involved.

4. Reduced Risk in Entering a New Market

Any time a company decides to enter into a new market to expand their services and revenue streams, high risk is involved. Especially when they don’t have any connections to help them advance faster. White label SEO reseller services can help reduce or mitigate the risk of entering a new market more so than doing so without a partnership.

The burden doesn’t just fall on one organization. Instead, it’s shared between the dedicated SEO agency and the white label partner. They can sell the service to an audience that can truly benefit from it and act as an account manager. 

The white label SEO agency you choose to partner with can also provide you with essential data and information. Specifically, they can inform you about the type of audience that is most likely to invest in SEO. They can also provide resources needed to adequately speak to the industry and how to successfully sell SEO.

5. SEO is Sustainable Revenue

SEO often is slower to show results compared to paid advertising or other marketing channels. However, it’s a more sustainable solution for long-term growth. It also compounds in value the longer the strategy is optimized for. That’s not to say that one is better than the other. All marketing channels serve their purposes and are beneficial, and that applies to SEO. 

Providing this service as an add-on to your primary product or service is simple. A big selling point is that a well executed SEO campaign will continue to serve your client’s website for years to come. It will become a more economical option among the marketing channels and it can continue to generate traffic and increase organic revenue over time.

Now this doesn’t mean that SEO is a one-time project. It requires ongoing SEO maintenance which your white label partner can step in to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

We just mentioned a few benefits here but take a look at the full list of benefits to outsourcing SEO services here!

What’s Included in an SEO Reseller Program?

Many companies see the end result of SEO services but have no real understanding of how it comes about. Because of this, unlike advertisements, SEO mostly happens behind the scenes. Are you interested in learning how to resell SEO services and integrating this into your product lineup? Make sure that your partner includes the following SEO deliverables to drive results for your clients:

Link Building

 As a critical ranking factor, it can help boost website authority when done effectively and ethically. Link building involves your SEO white label agency reaching out to other websites and asking them to include a link back to your client’s website.

White label link building services are typically a component to the overall SEO product in a reseller relationship. It’s a proven strategy to develop a website’s trust and authority with search engines to increase their online rankings.

Keyword Optimization

When SEO agencies implement on-page keyword optimization, they help specific pages rank more highly than others. Ranking means Google will select a webpage to show in the top 10 results when a user searches a keyword term or phrase. The SEO agency optimizes each web page for a primary keyword hoping it results in getting ranked at the top of Google.

Useful keyword optimization helps to answer these questions:

  • What do people truly want when they search for a keyword?
  • What are the keywords that mean most to your client?
  • What does the company already rank for organically?
  • Are there new keyword opportunities to go after?

The company you decide to partner with should be able to optimize your content to compete for intent-driven keywords. This helps your clients stay relevant, present, and attract the right kinds of customers for their businesses.

E-A-T Worthy Content Development

Content is a key player in an effective SEO strategy. Especially when it helps build up your E-E-A-T and credibility with search engines, customers, or clients. This can apply to on-site content and blogs, but to social media as well. 

The focus is more often on writing, but videos and photos have SEO and user experience value as well that you should consider. SEO content writing should be providing value to your client’s target audience and answering their questions. It reduces the chance for site visitors to seek information elsewhere.

Guest Blogging 

One great tool for referring traffic and link building to your content is through guest blogging. By sharing relevant content on other blogs in the industry, companies can make a name for themselves. This could also help build credibility within your business in becoming an industry leader.

Technical SEO

Making sure your website functions properly is another aspect in ranking high on search results. Google wants to display business websites that offer a great user experience. Technical SEO includes mobile friendliness, site speed optimization, web page layout, and more. Optimizing a website with these elements will help your website rank higher on search engines.

Local SEO

Appearing in local searches is crucial for success, especially for companies targeting a specific location. It’s also important that your local business directory profiles are verified and updated regularly. The SEO Reseller program you go with should help with Google Business Profile verification and optimization. Updating these profiles is crucial in order to improve your visibility and attract more local traffic.

Be sure your SEO partner includes these services in their SEO reseller package.

What Should You Look For in an SEO Reseller Program Partnership?

1. Consistent Communication

Communication is key in any successful relationship, and a partner relationship is no different. Both the SEO provider and the SEO reseller should be communicating on a consistent basis. They need to ensure that the partnership is running smoothly. They should review account management and campaign details, wins and losses, and address questions, opportunities, and any concerns.

2. Data-Driven Reporting and Strategy

SEO can be a black box of confusion for people who are not familiar with it. Don’t let this happen with your partnership! The agency you’re working with should provide you with detailed reports and metrics that help guide the strategy. 

A data-driven approach ensures that your SEO campaign is following analytics that are designed to help improve the organic performance for your clients’ websites. Anything else is just fluff and should raise a red flag.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Both partners need to set realistic expectations if the relationship is to succeed. The SEO vendor cannot overpromise on deliverables that they actually cannot deliver on. Nor can the SEO reseller request unrealistic deadlines and results. And ultimately, the realistic expectations must be set with the end user, which is the SEO reseller’s client.

4. Ongoing Training

As an SEO reseller, this is especially important. You could be targeting a national community or selling SEO services to local businesses. Your agency partner should be able to train you in whatever type of SEO campaign you want to sell. 

This includes understanding the campaign types enough to be able to adequately speak to clients about it. They should also understand what kind their business would benefit from, and answer client questions as they arise.

5. Providing Sales Support

It can be overwhelming for a new SEO reseller to sell a service that they are unfamiliar with. But with the proper training and support, it’s totally possible and not as difficult as it sounds! SEO agencies are a wealth of knowledge and information on how to find the right customers and deliver on a strong sales pitch.

As your partner, they should provide you with proper training and assistance as you generate leads and close deals. Boostability offers free, live Sales Support to assist you on your sales calls to increase your chances of making a successful deal!

What You Can Expect from Boostability’s SEO Reseller Program

At Boostability, we want our SEO reseller partners to succeed by scaling their own operations and enhancing their clients’ online performance for better lead generation. Our SEO reseller program includes:

  • Dedicated Partner Growth Manager (PGM) that regularly communicates with you and answers questions, both yours and your clients, and oversees every campaign detail.
  • Sales Support team that’s ready to take you across the finish line and secure deals.
  • Ongoing training and updates about the industry, algorithm updates, and changing trends.
  • Consistent newsletters highlighting the most important information you need to know for that time period and how to communicate this with your clients.
  • Valuable assets and whitepapers that you can use to share with your team members, use during sales pitches, and educate your teams.
  • Dedicated team of SEO professionals that will deliver on a data-driven strategy to provide results and growth for your clients’ websites.
  • Proprietary technology and task management software that provides transparent reporting, project fulfillment, and complete visibility to track the progress of your client campaigns. 
  • SEO tools your sales team can use during their sales process.


What’s Included in Boostability’s SEO Reseller Package?

As the #1 White Label SEO Company in the world, Boostability offers everything you need to be successful as an SEO reseller. Here is a list of what’s included in our SEO Services:

  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata Improvements
  • On-site Optimizations
  • Content Writing
  • Technical Optimizations
  • Blog Writing
  • Link Building
  • Analytical Tools
  • 24/7 Reporting

The combination of these services have helped thousands of businesses around the world rank at the top of search engines. When you partner with Boostability, you can offer these services as your own to help build your agency.

Ready to Invest in Your Business?

Now that you know what an SEO reseller is and what to expect from a partnership, is this the right fit for your company? It’s important to find the right partner to help you fulfill these SEO responsibilities for your clients while giving you the opportunity to scale your business. 

With a globally renowned white label SEO platform, Boostability values the partnerships we share with agencies like yours. Our goal is to help your business succeed and flourish, as well as your clients. Learn more about our white label SEO services and get connected with a Partnership Success team member!

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