The SMX Update You’ve Been Waiting For!

Each year, Boostability attends the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle to deliver you the latest and greatest updates in search engine marketing.

This year’s conference touched on some undeniable strongpoints such as onsite optimization, quality web design (clean site code), and usability.  Some of our favorite highlights include the Baidu presentation and multiple presentation topics on the importance social media has in your search marketing strategy.

Catch up with our most recent blog posts below.

Google Update from SMX Advanced: Transparency, Future of SEO, and Crawlers

I’ve recently returned from SMX Advanced in Seattle, where the Boostability team gleaned some great information about Google’s intentions for SEO and SEM. We gained valuable knowledge at this conference regarding what the future of SEO might look like, and these predictions were backed by insights about Google bots (spiders) and how they will function in the future.


Brilliant SEO Discovery Revealed: Give Consumers What They Want (Duh)

Whether you’re pro-Google or not, it’s hard to deny that Google has changed the world we live in for the better. How? Simply put, Google has organized the World Wide Web and made it searchable.


Baidu: The Search Engine Google Wishes it Could Be

A hot topic in the news right now is how involved the government should be with regulating the internet. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist myself, but I learned a lot about what a search engine is capable of with minimal government regulation and let’s just say, I may be fashioning some tinfoil hats when I get home.


Local Takeaways from SMX Advanced | Seattle

Having attended the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, Washington during the first week of June, I came home with some great insights into the current and future state of local search marketing. Here are a few of the key takeaways from the advanced search conference and what the industry experts had to say.


SMX Highlights – The Booster Seat Season 2 Finale [Video]

Hey there Boosters! I’m Andrew Eagar. Welcome to another edition of The Booster Seat. Today, I want to talk about the conference I attended a week ago called SMX Advanced. Well, let’s get started! SMX Advanced is one of the best SEO conferences out there.


SMX Presentation: Search Engine And Mobile Marketing In China

Highlights: This is truly China’s mobile internet era: there are 600 million smartphone users in China and in 2014, 1 in 3 Chinese people bought a new smartphone. Baidu is the #1 Chinese website and it has 680 million users and a search volume of 10 billion.

SMX Presentation: The Coming Paradigm Shift In Paid Search

There is a paradigm shift approaching in paid search, and it involves display ads eclipsing paid search ad spend and mobile becoming the 4th-largest ad medium.

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SMX Presentation: Better Together: Search + Social

Highlights: There has been an antagonistic relationship between Search and Social. So far, the relationship between SEO and Social Media has been characterized by rugged individualism, when it would do much better to form a supportive interaction of unique sets of expertise.