Brilliant SEO Discovery Revealed: Give Consumers What They Want (Duh)


Brilliant SEO Discovery Revealed: Give Consumers What They Want (Duh)

A Wonderfully Organized World Wide Web (Thanks Google)

Whether you’re pro-Google or not, it’s hard to deny that Google has changed the world we live in for the better. How? Simply put, Google has organized the World Wide Web and made it searchable.  Think about it:  in order to find a product or service, get news in real-time, or find the answer to virtually any question, all you have to do is “Google it.”

The Age of the Empowered Consumer

Consumers have been empowered with information and treated to lightning fast results and this has significantly changed the buying process.  Google has put the consumer in the buying driver’s seat. Whatever information consumers want is accessible at the touch of a screen or the drop of a few words in a vocal search.  Companies that understand this, and that learn how to deliver the information consumers want in a fast, effective and non-salesy way will reap major rewards.

Give Consumers What They Want and Google Will Love You

Google learned early on that its business model is predicated upon consumers finding what they want, being satisfied with the quality of results, and coming back again.  Once you understand this, optimizing your website for Google becomes a whole lot easier.

If you have a good product or service all you need to do is build your website and content in a way that gives consumers exactly what they are looking for.  Answer their questions, give them free advice, engage with them socially and do away with old-school gimmicks.  Consider your business’s objective directly in line with Google’s own mission: you want to satisfy consumer needs, provide relevant answers, and keep your customers returning. Twitter bird icon

Clean Code & Useful Content:  A Firm SEO Foundation

So what is the best way to ensure your website is meeting the needs of consumers and, in turn, meeting the needs of Google? The answer lies in your website code and in your content. Twitter bird icon

Clean, Crawlable Code

– Google’s spiders are emulating humans more effectively than they ever have before.  Did you know they crawl over 13 trillion web pages a month?  Make it easy for them to quickly go over each page of your website.  Crawl efficiency, render speed and clean code are critically important ranking factors that can make or break an SEO campaign.   Remember if Google’s spiders have a problem navigating your website, consumers will too, and you will be penalized because of it.

Relevant & Useful Content

– Now that you have made the spiders’ job easier with clean, crawlable code, you’ll want to make the consumer’s job easier by providing them with relevant and useful content.  Consumers are busy; they want answers and they want them fast.  Keep your content simple and concise. Focus your content on answering questions and providing solutions. Twitter bird icon Make it easy for a consumer to learn more or to buy.  Time on site, bounce rate and click-through rate are also critically important ranking factors today.  The more you make consumers dig for an answer on your website, the more likely you are to lose them.

Google Actually Likes SEO Companies

Contrary to popular belief, Google likes SEO companies because they help Google deliver a better user experience to their searchers. We SEOs spend a lot of time cleaning up website code and content and that is a huge help to Google.  Of course, Google frowns upon spammy, unnatural SEO tactics and has devoted a lot of resources to successfully weed out the bad SEO apples with updates such as Penguin and Panda. If there is one thing Google has mastered with impressive accuracy, it is determining what websites consumers actually like.  And, just as you might expect, those are the websites that are going to show up higher in their search results pages.

Kelly Shelton
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Kelly Shelton has served as our Vice President of Marketing since June 2011. He began his marketing career in 1996 at Financial Freedom International, Inc. where he spent 12 years serving in various executive positions, including Licensee Manager and VP of Marketing. He later served as Marketing Director of Family Financial Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. Kelly has successfully managed large marketing departments and budgets and has handled major growth in each of the companies he has worked for. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Business Management from Brigham Young University.