SMX Highlights, Sad Emotions, and The Booster Seat Season 2 Finale

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SMX Highlights, Sad Emotions, and The Booster Seat Season 2 Finale

The Booster Seat Season 2 Finale

Hey there Boosters! I’m Andrew Eagar. Welcome to another edition of The Booster Seat. Today, I want to talk about the conference I attended a week ago called SMX Advanced. Well, let’s get started!

About SMX Advanced

SMX Advanced is one of the best SEO conferences out there. It is located in Seattle and it is for SEO agencies such as myself and in-house SEOs to gather together and learn some of the best SEO tactics in the industry today. It is one of those conferences where they had limited seating, it is somewhat expensive, so really for some of our smaller businesses they don’t have the opportunity to go to conferences like that. That’s what my hope is today! With this Booster Seat episode, I want to take what I’ve learned from the conference and provide it to you.

A World Without Matt Cutts?

One of the things I’ve learned was with Matt Cutts. Those of you that haven’t been in the industry in a while, Matt Cutts was head of the web spam team. He has been on leave for over a year now. At the time, we didn’t know if he was going to come back or what his plans were. At the SMX conference we learned that his role had been taken by somebody else. So that has been fulfilled! If he does come back to Google it is not going to be on the web spam team. That kind of leaves up to question, who do we go to. Who do we go to now to answer our questions about Google updates or general information about Best SEO Practices.

Google Transparency

Our contact with Google now that Matt Cutts has left is kind of a shared role. It is multiple Googlers role. With that shared role comes something pretty exciting which Google has announced and that is with their transparency. This is kind of exciting. This is kind of a new initiative to Google – to be more transparent. Before all this, Google had announced, “No we are not going to be transparent; we are not going to show you everything that has happened.” But, at SMX they said they want to be more transparent. Twitter bird icon Now we have seen that in a couple examples. We have seen that with them announcing the Panda update that they’ve said is going to launch in a couple weeks. So watch out for that! They did not give us a specific date, but they did announce that it is in the works and should be here.

Mobilegeddon or Just Another Mobile Update?

Another thought about transparency is when they came out with the mobile update or mobilegeddon. Mobilegeddon has a very interesting idea to it.

Mobilegeddon is one of those things where… “Mobilegeddon” right? It is supposed to be this huge deal, but when it rolled out back in April it didn’t seem to be such a huge deal. Now, why is that? Why did we call it mobilegeddon? Why wasn’t it a big deal?

They talked about that at SMX. It was kind of an interesting conversation. Google announced that the mobile update was going to be bigger than Penguin and Panda combined. That’s a pretty big update if you asked me. That’s why we call it mobilegeddon.

Now, after this whole thing we ask the question, “Why call it mobilegeddon? Why such a big deal around it?” Mobilegeddon is an initiative with Google. They want to make it a really big deal and continue making that an initiative: to make websites more mobile friendly. Twitter bird icon Keep an eye on mobilegeddon but as said before, it hasn’t been as big of a deal as maybe the industry had put it out there.

The Importance of Onsite Optimization

One of the other aspects that Google had talked about was how onsite optimization is still very important to Google. That’s your title tag, meta description, H1 tag, and those kind of optimizations. Those are still very important to Google. This is something very interesting that Google had mentioned. Gary at Google mentioned that SEOs are very important to Google and that Google loves SEOs.

Google Loves SEOs

Here’s why: Search engine optimization is helping the search engine results. It is us SEOs that are changing websites to be mobile-friendly. It is us that are optimizing the content to make it so it is not duplicate, to optimize the title tags, to make the web a better place. Google really likes SEOs.

That is the key point I really wanted to drive home with this Booster Seat.

SEO, if anything else, is more important now than it was before. It has a very strong future even within the industry.

One thing that couples along with that is that Google bots or spiders are very, very smart. They are getting smarter and they are getting better at understanding user experience. Twitter bird icon Isn’t that the phrase of the year? User experience. We talked about that in other Booster Seat episodes. With user experience being so important Google is getting smarter. They are starting to understand that. SEO and the future of SEO needs to switch to a user-experience focus or change.

That’s it for this episode!

“Actually, this is your last episode.”


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