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SEO: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

While startups and corporate giants alike use the SEO process to improve search engine ranking with minimal expense, many have unrealistic expectations for their SEO

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The Business of International SEO Ranking and How to Do It

One of the great benefits to having a website or online business is it can dramatically increase who can find your products and services. This

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How Is SEO Different From Paid Search?

Outside of marketing circles, many people attribute anything to do with keywords to search engine optimization. This is only partially correct. SEO mostly focuses on

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A Guide to Google’s June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

According to Business Insider, Google and YouTube capture more than 90% of the internet search market. In fact, Google processes more than 3.5 billion search

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11 Magic Keys to Unlock the ROI Riches of SEO

To the uninitiated, Google can seem mysterious. It’s almost like a magical, all-powerful force that guides your destiny based on your worthiness. Your fate of

What's New in SEO in February?
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SEO Update: What’s New in SEO in February?

Hopefully, your 2019 is off to a great start. Let’s look at what’s new in SEO in February so far. In the first two months

2018 Organic Search Recap and 2019 SEO Predictions
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2018 Organic Search Recap and 2019 SEO Predictions

Several key topics dominated the World of Search in 2018 and focused on the need to thrive in organic searches. The algorithm updates focused on

October SEO Update

October 2018 SEO Update

Rankings had a crazy month during September with a lot of changes happening. Some changes were not anticipated, but others we’ve seen slowly roll out

12 Weeks of Holiday Marketing
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12 Weeks of Holiday Marketing

Sing it with me! Ooooon the first day of holiday marketing my marketing team gave to me… Can you hear it now? The lovely sing-song

September SEO Update

September 2018 SEO Update

This month with our general trends we had a slight decline. In looking over our data, there could be a handful of reasons: customer churn,

August SEO and Social Update
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August 2018 SEO and Social Update

It’s that time again for another SEO and social update around our performance, the search and social industry, and key articles. Our overall SEO performance

July SEO and Social Update
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July 2018 SEO and Social Update

I hope everyone is having a killer summer so far! We have been doing great when it comes to rankings. Here’s the SEO and social