Using Twitter to Help Your Business

Using Twitter to Help Your Business

Using Twitter to Help Your Business

Millions of individuals use Twitter every day to access real-time information. They want news on their favorite products, celebrities, ideas, and companies. As businesses, we want to take advantage of this situation. We want to reach out to these millions and promote ourselves. But how do we do it?

Creating your account

First, if you are one of the few who have not signed up for a Twitter account, go do it! Unlike Facebook, there is no distinction between a person and a business. It is the same type of account.

  1. Choose a username that is relevant to your company. If possible, make your company name your Twitter handle.
  2. If your company name has more than one word, than capitalize each word in your username. Example: JoesPlumbing instead of joesplumbing.
  3. Choose an account name that is also relevant to your company. This is the title that appears above your username on your profile page.
  4. Use your Bio wisely. You have 160 characters to promote your company. Write a Bio that describes your company concisely.

Now that you exist in the Twitter world, you need followers. Encourage family and friends to follow you. Post a link to your Twitter account on your company website and anywhere else you appear online. Remember, Twitter is about reaching people with information, your information.

Using Your Account

Now you may be asking yourself, “What do I post?” Your posts (called “tweets”) should promote what you want people to know.

  1. You can tweet a sale or promotion.
  2. You can tweet links to important content on your website.
  3. You can tweet news about your company.

When posting, make sure that all tweets contain relevant information about your company.

Lastly, you want to be a participant in the Twitter World. You shouldn’t just post, but you should make your presence known.

  1. Follow others on Twitter.
  2. Respond to tweets that interest you or might interest your followers.
  3. Respond to tweets and messages directed at you.
  4. “Retweet” posts that are relevant and beneficial to your followers.

Your Twitter account should not be a full time job, but you should dedicate time to update it. Whether that’s ten minutes every week or ten minutes of every hour, make sure to schedule time to tweet, respond, and update your account on a regular basis.

Remember, Twitter is about communication. Use it to communicate with your customers and potential customers and the power of Twitter will be working for you.

Matt Christensen
[email protected]