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Having correctly-sized images on your business’s Twitter page is essential for maintaining a professional, credible appearance. Oftentimes, a potential customer’s first impression of your business will come from your social media. You need to make sure you’re making a great first impression! It’s also important that your images show up in proper format across your social media accounts to keep your branding consistent. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to keep track of all the right sizing dimensions for different images on Twitter. That’s why we’ve provided you with the Twitter image sizing cheat sheet below!

  • Cover photo (1500 x 500) – This is the largest photo and will act as a backdrop for your page. Although the height of this image is technically 500px, only the top 360px will be readily visible.
  • Profile picture (400 x 400) – This image will appear with all your tweets, so make sure it represents you well!
  • Photo tweets (506 x 253) – If you tweet a photo, it will naturally appear as this size in users’ feeds. If it’s larger, part of your image will be cut off, unless someone clicks on it.
  • GIF tweets (506 x 253) – It’s great that Twitter allows for animated GIFs, but make sure you’re utilizing the feature fully by using the right dimensions!
  • Video tweets (506 x 253) – Make sure the focus of your video isn’t too far away, so that users will be able to see what’s happening!

Twitter Image Sizes Infographic

This post was originally published October 2015 and has been updated to be current in the new year.

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Caz is the Director of Marketing for Boostability and has deep experience blending business goals and marketing tactics into comprehensive company strategies. Her creative innovation and expertise has helped shape customer experiences and drive continual engagement for a variety of companies and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV. Connect with Caz: @CazBevan | Linkedin


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