SEO Tips for Local Business Lawyers [Infographic]

SEO Tips for Local Business Lawyers [Infographic]

You and your colleagues spend your days defending your clients and convincing judges and juries of your argument. But before you can get any of that work, you first need to convince potential clients that you are the right lawyer for the case.

When people require a lawyer’s assistance, they most often turn to the internet to find a firm. Prospective clients want to work with someone who is responsive, tracks records, is respected by the legal community, and charges a fee within their price range. You can explain how you and your colleagues fits these traits with a local online listing.

Sites like Yelp will allow you to express the benefits of your business. Review the information below, and update your local listings today to drive more business.

  • 38% of people report they found a lawyer when searching online. Twitter bird icon
  • 70% of clients will commute for an attorney with better reviews. Twitter bird icon
  • 92% of people look for responsiveness, versus 65% who look for cost. Twitter bird icon

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