SEO Myth: Good SEO On Your Site Doesn’t Change PPC

SEO Myth: Good SEO On Your Site Doesn't Change PPC

SEO Myth: Good SEO On Your Site Doesn’t Change PPC

I wanted to address this myth because it is something that I have dealt with fairly recently. I have started working on a small PPC campaign for one of our clients and they needed to make some changes to their landing page. I started making suggestions about how to make the site easier to read. In spite of these changes, I definitely did not forget to optimize their website by adding the H1 tag, Meta Title and Description in the header, etc. A website is not completely optimized until it has all the basic ingredients (H1 tag) and the more exciting ingredients (flow, clarity).

PPC is a great tool to be used for increasing visibility and sales.  In my honest opinion, it is not going to be the best use of funds if you are on a very limited budget and want a long term ROI, but it still is something to consider if you want to use all avenues given to you.

Like the image I have above of the boxing gloves, PPC and SEO work together. They are there to help each and gain a much better campaign online.  Of course, I always value SEO over PPC. Imagine SEO as your dominant hand. You will be giving a much bigger punch with SEO in the long run than small little jabs with your opposite hand using PPC.

Google is going to notice any changes and improvements that you make to your website. If you optimize your site for your keyword with a PPC campaign, it is going to increase your ranking. Some may say that it has no affect at all on your ranking, but I have seen time and time again how, as you become more relevant, the right people will be interested in what you are offering or selling.  It really can work.

Jordan Colton
[email protected]