As a website owner, it is only necessary to constantly look out for ways to increase traffic to your website.

To experience higher page rankings on your website, increased sales conversion, and additional online exposure, building a stream of valuable traffic to your website is important.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Without any traffic coming into your website, it is impossible to get potential buyers to your site and obtain the aspired number of sales for your business.

Link building has been proven to be an excellent way of getting traffic to your site. But if you are the type of person who can’t stand link building, there are plenty of effective methods that you can put into action to increase traffic to your website.

Below are 6 effective ways to increase traffic to your website without building links:


#1. Write about the latest news in your niche

Google needs to keep updating its engine with the latest news items directly in the search results because people never stop searching for trending news daily.

Writing about the latest news in your niche can be a wonderful way to build credibility, increase your search engine rankings, and most importantly, increase site traffic because you would be seen as an expert and that go-to person in your field that provides the latest news.

Once you can provide your readers with current and updated articles that are unique, interesting, engaging in your niche, it can produce a continuous stream of leads, traffic, and social media shares over time, which will enhance your website’s value exponentially.


#2. Write in-depth list blog posts

Over the years, it’s been known that long-form posts perform better in search results than short posts. This is because long-from posts go into huge depth on a particular topic and address all the questions readers might have in their minds. According to Curata, in-depth posts generate 7 times more leads than short-form blog posts.

leads generated for Curata blog

Your in-depth posts have to be of high quality and not just about the length to make them rank highly in search results.

In-depth posts tend to be evergreen and to create them, you need to discover what your competitors are writing about and think of how you can create better high-quality content.

This will not only help to bring in a lot of traffic overtime but is more likely to serve as a helpful reference guide that can be linked to and easily shared across the web.


#3. Update your existing content

What is the point of having a great website if users find it difficult to get the most accurate and helpful content on it?

As older posts slowly begin to drop in the rankings and lose their value over time, relevant and fresh content becomes more prioritized.

You could decide to keep writing and producing more fresh content. But it takes a lot of time and effort to create an excellent piece.

“What’s more, every time you publish a new post on your site, the new URL has zero authority compared to that of existing posts on the site”, says Jay Knispel at the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC.“ Updating an old post mostly requires less effort compared to creating something from scratch. It also helps to establish an evergreen and strong foundation of quality content all through your blog.”

So, whenever you decide to update your existing content to the latest, you should replace or include your content with exciting images, infographics, pictures, and lots more.


#4. Repurpose content in new forms

Content is the major reason that people are online today. The Internet would have no reason for being if there were no content to push across the web from one user to another.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, repurposing your content is essential to drive traffic for online success. If you are not already doing this, you should jump on the bandwagon and get started so that you would not miss out on traffic that you could probably benefit from.

Repurposing is when you take any piece of information or content that you have created and reuse it for a different purpose. If you’re spending time writing new content, it’s better to think of ways to repurpose them.

The best way to repurpose your content is to use web analytics tools like Finteza to analyze the performance of your website. The tool helps you reveal the quality of traffic, conversions and find the best performing content for repurposing purposes.

content/website analytics

Content is king, and finding dozens of innovative ways to repurpose them is an effective means to improve traffic.


#5. Offer freemium products

People are increasingly demanding more value from their online resources these days. So, it would be a great idea if you could give something of value away. Or you can offer freemium products and still make a profit off of it.

Providing free products is a powerful marketing tool. It grows into attracting a customer base without spending resources on expensive advertising campaigns or other marketing costs.

When done right, offering freemium products becomes very effective. Not only does it drive more targeted traffic to your website, but it also turns free users into paid users.


#6. Build a resource page

To be successful on the Internet, you need to check a website’s traffic.

While it might seem funny, building a resource page is a free tactic that can bring in very decent traffic.

According to Greg Hollander from Hollander Law Firm, all you need to do is write a unique page that features the best sites from around the internet or create a special page to praise the companies and people you hold in high regard with short descriptions of what makes them important.

By building a good resource page, you can make use of the great traffic that would come from these companies or influencers.



Building your website traffic is not some part of your business that you should forget about. It is one of the things that you need to give attention to while trying to make money online.

Since more traffic to your website means more opportunities for you to get visitors and sales, promoting your website using the methods above effectively increases traffic without incurring an added expense.

When all these methods that I have mentioned are used appropriately, you can create an unstoppable traffic flow to your website.


Irina Weber is an experienced Content Marketing Expert at SE Ranking. After working in content marketing for enterprises and startups for more than 8 years, she wants to exchange ideas and share information learned with other content marketing experts. She is passionate about digital marketing and always up-to-date with the latest trends.