Great Tips On How To Use Tumblr For Business

Great Tips On How To Use Tumblr For Your Business

Great Tips On How To Use Tumblr For Business

Using Tumblr for business offers useful features for any company. For small businesses, they can sign up and use the platform for developing their own site.

It’s a great tool to have an online presence as Google indexes Tumblr posts. Because it’s a sharing network, users can reblog a post hundreds of times.

Unfortunately, only a few companies take advantage of its benefits. In fact, out of 100 brands, only 31 are using this platform.

But it also gives you an advantage because you have several options to promote your business.

If you take advantage of its benefits now, you can easily extend your reach. You can develop a strong online presence as long as you create quality posts.

However, before creating an account here, make sure that you look at your competition first. To get the most attention, understand the kind of posts that are popular in your industry.

In this post, let’s try to explore some of the best tips that can help you maximize the benefits of Tumblr for your business.

Determine if it matches your target market

Although it has several advantages, it’s not for every business. That said, ensure that your target demographic uses it. Most users of this platform are under 35.

Because of the audience’s age, make sure that the visual content you present contains a dose of humor.

It has to be inspirational, as well. Never publish a brand-specific post because it won’t rank well there.

And overly-promotional content reduces engagement in this platform.

Choose the right content

Fortunately, it supports different content types. Although you can use a combination of text, quotes or chats, focus on photos. That said, your team has to create stunning visuals.

To increase audience engagement, use the live video solutions of, say, YouTube, and integrate them to your Tumblr account.

Use a business theme

This platform is different from Facebook and Twitter because Tumblr supports customized modifications. Thus, to stand out from the crowd, consider hiring a designer to give your profile a professional looking theme.

A designer can help in providing a business more branding opportunities through this platform.

Customize your profile to ensure that your brand is always in the audience’s mind. Use your brand’s logo at all times, so visitors know what pages they’re visiting.

It’s also ideal to share a lifestyle that matches your products. When you start sharing unique content, Tumblr users will recognize your brand and engage with it.

Provide a detailed introduction of your brand

You can do so by providing detailed information on your About Us page. Don’t forget to include a link to your brand’s site.

To assist visitors in giving a clear image of your company, make sure to include links to your social media profiles.

When choosing a theme, always consider prioritizing visual content. It has to be front and center.

Avoid reposting of content from other sites or social media platforms because Tumblr has benefits on its own. Auto-posting from other sites won’t offer real benefits to your business here.

Prioritize engagement

That is, make sure to interact with your target audience because engagement is a vital performance metric on this platform. For that reason, start interacting with your target users by reblogging or commenting on other users.

These users may also return the favor, thereby, getting your brand noticed.  

But first, post updates on your Tumblr page so that users will have some posts that they can comment or like back.

Start posting images that represent your brand. From there, start reblogging posts of other pages relevant to your site. It can help in adding content to your own page.

Plus, you’re giving original creators better exposure. Just like on Facebook, increase engagement by leaving meaningful comments on other people’s posts.

Following other brands or people can also boost engagement.

Maximize the use of tags

The platform has a unique tagging system. Simply type your brand or a related company to get relevant tags.

Individuals here use tags to discover content. So, take advantage of it to improve marketing efforts.

Provide value

Most users here utilize the site to share their artwork or writing. Start by offering your fans some valuable contests.

Offer them something that they can’t resist. For example, give them a chance to have their creations be publicly recognized.

Promote with humor

You can share your site’s links to this platform. It’s a great way to promote your website.

However, the use of links alone won’t get the engagement that you need. That said, try creating fun images and GIFs related to your brand.

Make sure that your posts are highly visual and some elements of entertainment. Doing so will avoid your name being too pushy when promoting your products or services.

When your posts are highly entertaining, users are more likely to reblog your content.

Use memes

Another way to entertain your audience is to use memes related to your brand. Publish content related to a weekly meme that focuses on your company’s history.

Use the ads

Promoting brands on Tumblr is free. However, if you need more boosts to your marketing campaign, you may wish to try the platform’s ads.

Choose a sponsored post to boost engagement on your brand. Don’t forget to use sponsored video posts. They offer additional insights on views and engagement.

Final thoughts on using Tumblr for business

Tumblr is undoubtedly a great platform in boosting your business’ online presence. It has a massive following that allows brands to make their products and services known.

Seize its flexible features to give your brand a huge boost in your marketing campaign. However, make sure to heed to our tips mentioned above to guarantee better engagement and exposure.

But before you dive into this platform, you have to know your target audience first. Don’t treat it as another social media platform.

By knowing your audience, you can determine the exact content that appeals to these users. And always interact with the audience because that’s the core of this platform. The more discussions you get, the better it is for your brand.

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