Having a consistently expanding customer base and steady profit rates are concerns for any business that intends to stay competitive within an industry. In order to support these two elements and experience growth, effective marketing practices are necessary to gain consumer awareness. With the popularity of mobile Internet devices designed to conduct online searches for products and services, one of the most effective methods for businesses to gain consumer visibility is by utilizing Internet search advertising.

1.  Am I Ready to Spend Money for Internet Search Advertising?

As a local business owner it is common to take a “wait and see” approach until a known and/or trusted associate presents us with an insider tip to increase profits. Rather than waiting for the next tip, seeking visibility through Internet search engines can have a large financial benefit for businesses. Search engines allow access to targeted customers, which are seeking services through an online medium. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is better to act early and not “wait and see” to gain the advantages of Internet visibility over competing organizations.

2.  How Do I Get a Return on My Investment with Internet Search Advertising?

Transparent reporting is a key indicator of reputable services from an Internet search marketing company. When this is not present, there is an inherent risk in the investment. Trustworthy companies are able to give detailed information about how the account is being managed and what specific tools are being used to optimize the effectiveness of the services provided. Allowing professionals to help with choice of keyword content can assure better communication practices with search engines. The better the search engines can read your site and the bigger a website network is will result in more customers.

3.  What Kind of Internet Search Advertising Packages Should I Buy?

There are many strategies and packages available with Internet marketing, so knowing all options is important. Each business is unique and an internet marketing consultant can take key elements such as keyword competition, target market, the level of aggressive action needed to gain visibility, and budget considerations into account. They can then help match the needs of the business with various strategies such as Local Search, Google Places, Regional/Multiple Locations, and National Campaigns to gain optimal online visibility and gain new customers.

4.  Can I Trust the Company I Am Working With?

Reputable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies providing internet search advertising should be able to give case studies of satisfied clients. Having quotes and testimonials on the web site is an indicator of quality, but are they backed by real results for customers? Spending monetary resources wisely is important to small business owners and employing techniques, which have proven effective for other companies, is an important strategy.

5.  When Can I Expect Customers?

Realistic expectations need to be balanced with budget considerations and the level of keyword competition present. It is of the utmost importance to find the right keywords and the niche market which will bring relevant customer traffic to the website.

There are many benefits which small businesses have to offer customers, but to reach potential clients; a certain level of consumer awareness must be reached. Internet search marketing is an effective tool, which not only allows contact with a broad customer pool, but also funnels relevant customer traffic, which can result in a higher rate of practical sales.



Colton is the Director of SEO Strategy at Boostability testing and defining the products and processes that make Boostability's customers successful. He has been a part of Boostability for over 7 years. Colton loves hanging out with his family and gaming. He runs a personal blog over at www.coltonjmiller.com where he discusses gaming, life, and SEO.

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