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Hey there Boosters! Welcome to another edition of the Booster Seat. I’m Andrew Eagar and last week I went to Vegas. No, I didn’t hit the slots or go to fancy restaurants or anything like that. I actually went to a conference down there…PUBCON to be exact. I know the saying is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but today I’m going to break that rule and bring you a piece of Vegas – I’m going to talk about PUBCON.

Pubcon Recap WhiteboardPUBCON is a fantastic conference. It covers most of the big digital marketing aspects – PPC, SEO, content marketing, social, and others like that. When I attended, I focused on the digital and content marketing aspects, and that’s what I want to talk about here. There are a four main aspects that I’ll be showing you from PUBCON, and I think they’re really great takeaways.

First, link building. Link building is not dead. It’s actually a very strong component of SEO. Google and other search engines still value link building and consider it highly when ranking a website. The main thing to realize, though, is that Google and other search engines are redefining what “spammy” is. So, spammy link building isn’t the way to do it anymore. You want to do link building that is contributing to the online world. So if you’re doing hundreds of directories or bookmarks, that’s a no-go, but quality link building is still very much a part of SEO.

My first episode was about onsite blogging and how it is the future of SEO, and I still believe that to be the case, and they covered that in PUBCON, as well. In fact, they spent an entire day on onsite blogging (or content marketing). Blogging is fantastic, content is fantastic, but pushing that content via social media and other channels is going to be an integral part of your campaign. Just remember that I’m going to be talking more about onsite blogging in future episodes, just because it’s a huge part of SEO.

At PUBCON, they didn’t talk about your basic onsite edits like titles or descriptions or edits or onsite content; even though those are important, those are basic. Those are common knowledge at this point! What PUBCON got into was the importance of mobile optimization, or, specifically, having a mobile-friendly website. They predicted that by 2015 (just next year!), more mobile users will search than desktop users. Some are saying that this is already the case and at PUBCON they said it was happening soon. This means that more people will be on their mobile phones and searching on their mobile phones than they will using a desktop computer. So, mobile optimization is key to the success of any campaign, regardless of industry. This will be a big conversation in future episodes of The Booster Seat.

To put it simply, the future of SEO is safe. There’s a bright future of SEO. It is changing, however, and we talked about a few of those changing things, like introducing mobile, non-spammy link building. It IS changing, but the future of SEO is bright and clear. There will always be a way to optimize your website. So stay tuned to The Booster Seat and keep up to date with the industry and it changes. I hope you liked this recap from PUBCON and found it useful.

Stay cool!

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