Not a week goes by without Facebook releasing new features to their business pages or Adverts Manager. Depending on how often you post content on your Facebook page, you may or may not have noticed the new options to create slideshows, carousels and canvases:

3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

At first glance they may look like a lot of work and a little scary to setup, but they offer your business greater organic reach and engagement when posting on Facebook.

Slideshow, carousel and canvas post types are more media rich than traditional updates giving them a greater reach over text and link updates in Facebook’s organic algorithm.

In this article I’m going to show you how to create slideshows, carousels and canvas for your Facebook page.

Facebook slideshow

A Facebook slideshow is a number of images played in a sequence. They are a useful feature for small businesses who don’t have the time or money to create video content.

Setting up a slideshow is easy, upload the images you would like to use and set the order in which you would like them to appear. Setting up a Facebook slideshow directly through the page allows each picture to be served for 2 seconds before going showing the next one:

picture 2 (1) - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

You can choose up to 5 images when creating your slideshow.

  • Best for: telling a story or generating brand awareness for businesses on a budget.


Carousel images

Facebook carousel are interactive posts.

Fans can slide across one slide to another and this format lets you type bespoke text for each carousel image. Like a slideshow you can use between 2-5 images and assign one URL link to send users to your website if they click any image.

To create your very own Facebook carousel, select the carousel option from the post options and first specify the URL you wish to spend people:

picture 3 (1) - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

Then add the pictures you would like to show and which order you would like them to be in:

picture 4 (1) - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

Underneath each image slide you can insert a small piece of text.

Tip: You can also create organic carousel posts through the Facebook Power Editor which gives you the extra option of tagging a call-to-action button, this is not available if you create it directly from your page:

picture 5 - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

Carousel images should be 600×600 pixels in size.

  • Best for: showcasing your products or services.

Facebook canvas

If you already have some great images you can setup slideshows and carousels post quickly, to create a Facebook canvas requires a lot more time and creativity.

What is a Facebook canvas? It’s a new post type that allows businesses to create highly interactive content while bypassing slow load times. A canvas can consist of links, images, slideshows, videos and dynamic product feeds in a single canvas that users can interact with:

picture 6 - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About(Source)

To create a canvas you need to select the Publishing Tools tab on your business page, select Canvas from the left hand sidebar and select Create:

picture 7 (1) - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

You’ll be then shown a canvas builder to bring your story to life:

picture 8 (1) - 3 Facebook Features You Never Knew About

Review your canvas before you click save as it cannot be edited once saved. You then select your pre-created canvas to share using the photo post option on your page.

A canvas is not something you’ll be able to create on the fly because it requires a lot more content and thought when deciding on the layout and flow.

Tip: Canvas post types are only shown to mobile devices at this moment in time.


Slideshow, carousel and canvas are great new mediums to brand and generate awareness for your business. Facebook gives preference to video content over text and link updates because their users stay on Facebook rather than clicking on a link to be sent somewhere else.

Slideshows are a great way to reach more of your fans organically without having to spend hundreds of dollars on video creation. Carousel ads are also extremely useful to showcase your products to customers, using the page pin tab you can list a new set of products each week on the top of your page allowing customers to scroll new products or what’s on offer.

Have a brand story you want to share or promote to your fans? Canvas was created to do just that, using its rich media features and fast load times, you can tell your brand story using interactive rich media content like never before.

All three can play a role in increasing reach for your local business, and all require that creative touch to make them stand out.


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