This article was originally published in April 2021 but was updated March 2023.

Did you know that 93% of customers look at online reviews before making a purchase? This means your current Google Reviews will affect how customers find and perceive your business. Learning how to increase Google Reviews is easier than you might think!

In this article, we will walk you through why Google reviews are important, and how to start collecting new reviews. We’ll also explore 9 different strategies for how you can increase Google reviews for your business. Let’s get started!

Learning to Increase Google Reviews: Why It’s Important

If you own or manage a business, you likely already understand the importance of increasing your Google reviews. Just in case, here is a break down:

5-star reviews can make or break whether customers will spend their money on your products or services. As Google dominates online searches by around 70%, it’s likely your potential customers will use it to find businesses like yours. Naturally, you should want to put your business information right on display where all searchers can find it.

High quality reviews also directly impact the rankings of your local listings and website on local search results. Remember, Google wants to display the best possible results to its users as they search for information or businesses. Positive reviews show both search engines (like Google) and customers that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

Bottom line: Increasing Google reviews for your business needs to be a priority in your marketing strategy.

Do Google Reviews Help SEO?

Yes, reviews can make a difference in your SEO strategy! Most businesses get found through search engines online. You can stand out from your local competition when you capitalize on quality online reviews.

Positive reviews on your business listing may seem like a small detail. However, they can help your website rank above your competition when users search for products or services your business offers.

example of 5 star google reviews

Online reviews are one of the most important ranking factors for both national and local SEO campaigns. However, don’t be completely discouraged if you have a few negative reviews. 

Think about the last time you read through reviews on Google. What did you look for? Did you check both the positive and negative reviews?

It’s completely natural to have a variety of review ratings with varied comments. Respond to both positive and negative reviews to showcase the type of customer service you offer. The goal is to generate as many high-quality 5 star reviews as you can. This can help you effectively manage a positive online reputation and improve your SEO rankings.

Setting Up Your Google Account to Collect Reviews

In order to start collecting Google reviews, it starts with either setting up or claiming your Google Business Profile. Here is a simple list of steps to make sure your profile is ready to collect reviews:

  1. Find or create your business profile on Google.
  2. Start the profile verification process using Google’s suggested verification method (postcard, text message, or phone call).
  3. Optimize the profile by accurately filling out all of the required and relevant information. (Pro Tip: The more detailed your profile the better, without being overcrowded with information.)
  4. Confirm verification and double check the business is live on Google Search and Maps.
  5. Visit the “Read Reviews” tab from the profile manager to share the review invite link and to manage your reviews. You can also respond to reviews you receive on this screen.

get more reviews button on google business profile

At this point, you should understand why Google reviews are important, and how to start collecting them. Let’s go over 9 ways you can get more Google reviews and help your business succeed online!

10 Ways to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

1. Ask Your Customers

The simplest way to increase your online reviews and get feedback is to simply ask for them! If you have satisfied customers, chances are that some will want to talk about their positive experience. Whether you have interactions with your customers online or in person, you can always ask directly for reviews. Make sure to be clear and explain where and how to leave a Google review.

2. Follow Up With Customers

Once you ask, don’t be afraid to follow up with your customers via email or phone call. Be personal and let them know why their feedback is important. Make sure to include the direct link (you can use a QR code) to your Google reviews and express your appreciation. And of course, thank them for being a valued customer and for taking the time to leave their feedback.

Offering incentives is another way to follow up and encourage customers to leave feedback. One of the most popular types of incentives to offer is a discount off of a future purchase or transaction. This not only motivates customers to leave a review, but invites them to come back as a return customer. Whether big or small, incentives will motivate your customers to take action, leading to more quality reviews.

link to review your business on google

3. Google Review Email Campaign   

Email marketing is a powerful and effective tool for your strategy. If you already are running email campaigns for your business, consider creating a review email campaign. Make the process easy for your customers and provide a direct link to your Google reviews page.

Be clear when asking for reviews, and even target customers you know have had positive experiences with your business. Happy customers will leave good reviews!

4. Ask for Google Reviews Using Social Media

Social media is a great marketing tool local businesses can use to reach their audience. Create a social post asking your followers to leave reviews, providing a link to your Google profile.

Make it easy for them to leave feedback. You can even attach a snippet of one of your positive Google reviews. Ask for them to share their own experience and explain how it helps support your business.

5. Link Google Reviews Page on Website

Get more Google reviews by creating a dedicated page on your website that links directly to your Google Business profile. Make sure this page is easy to find and to access on your homepage. Populate your best reviews here so when customers click the link to your profile, they can see other great feedback.

way to increase google reviews through website link

Include Call to Action on Website Footer

In addition to having a dedicated page, create a call to action on your website, such as in the footer. Providing multiple options on your page for reviews is always a great way to increase your chances. It helps direct them to the right link, while providing ways for other website visitors to leave a review without asking.

6. Link Reviews Page In Email Signature 

Your email signature is another great place to add a link to your Google reviews. It’s a more organic way to ask without specifically asking for them. Requiring little work, it provides a consistent reminder that you would love to hear their customer feedback. As you communicate with customers that have had a positive experience, it makes it easy to leave immediate feedback.

7. Ask your partners and vendors for reviews

Reviews don’t always have to come from direct customers. Positive reviews can come from partners, vendors, or anyone who has worked with your business. These are positive, trusted relationships that you have already established.

Although they aren’t customers, they work directly with you and your business. This is a way they can still leave great feedback about their experience working with you. Your vendors and partners know the importance of good reviews. You can also return the favor and leave their business a positive review!

8. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

An optimized Google Business profile can improve the chances customers will leave quality reviews. A well-designed profile builds trust with potential customers while helping out your rankings.

example of optimized google business profile

Make sure your business information is up-to-date and accurate. Include quality photos of your business, products, and services. If customers search for your listing and can’t discern if it’s your business or not, then you are not meeting the standards for Google and potential customers. Always strive to put your best foot forward online.

Check out this Google My Business checklist to make sure your business is on the right track!

9. Hand Out “Review Us on Google” Cards

You may interact with your customers in person more than you do online. If that’s the case, create a ‘leave a Google review’ card to hand to customers after a transaction. You can also create an in-person code to scan and ask them to leave a review in person. Ask them for their feedback, and include the link with directions on how to leave the review.

If you’re looking for the most personable way to receive genuine reviews, this is it! Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking for ways to support local businesses. Take advantage of this trend and start asking for reviews in-person as much as you can.

review us on google invite

Source: Google

Increase Your Google Reviews to Help Your Business Grow

It’s simple: Consumers trust online reviews. For that reason, it’s important to consistently collect quality Google reviews. Google reviews are not only important for your brand reputation, but have proven to benefit your overall SEO strategy. So, if you’re trying to increase your positioning, make it a priority in your strategy to get more Google reviews.

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