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Local SEO Services

Local SEO creates a strong base for small and medium sized local businesses trying to make a difference in their communities. When you’re competing at a local level with other businesses offering a similar service, it’s important to stand out and get found. Local SEO services matter!

Trusted and Affordable Local SEO Services

Individual Locations

Businesses with only one storefront or one location. Often these are small businesses like a dentist office, a cupcake shop, a local construction company, or an art gallery. They provide services to that community, though they could reach further through e-commerce or another expert service offered online.


Affordable local SEO services help these kinds of businesses reach additional people in their communities and locations. It creates and enhances business directories like Google My Business, optimizes for “near me” searches, and provides basic information that would turn a potential customer into someone actually walking in the door. Rather than optimizing for a specific product or service, websites first get optimized to support a specific location.


More than 50% of local searches turn into an actual in store visit within 24 hours. So it’s crucial for local businesses to attract that local search traffic through local business SEO services.



Regional Locations and Franchises

These are businesses that provide the same kinds of services and products, covering a larger area or in multiple locations. Things like tire shops, medical services, or restaurants that service multiple communities within a larger area.


While they have multiple locations, they’re still considered small businesses and need specific local business marketing services. These types of businesses need website and local search optimization services that benefit each location.


Businesses that only have one location, but service a large area often have a specialty, like furniture, that help them serve multiple locations within a given region. Local search services are crucial for these kinds of businesses as well.



National Locations and Franchises

Did you know even national locations, franchises, and e-commerce companies can benefit from local SEO? Strong content marketing services that attract customers to a website play well into this strategy. These help you rank for multiple terms in multiple locations that can all bring in high-intent traffic. Review marketing and website optimizations for specific products can help these small businesses reach a big audience on a national level or for their multiple locations across the country.

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The Boostability Approach to Local Search Services

So what does a local search company typically include in their services? A local search campaign is all about building relevance and trust for your website. That means improving the site with accurate and valuable content, keywords, and code. Then improving its trust off-site with link building and completed business directories.


Some of these key tasks and services include:

• Local business directory development

• Keyword research

• Custom content writing

• On-site optimizations

• Link building

• Alt and meta tag implementation

• Real-time service and performance reporting

• Ongoing SEO consultation services


All these features and so much more are crucial if you want to rank and understand the importance of Local SEO for your business. As you’re shopping around for a local search company that can optimize your website, it’s important that the deliverables listed above are included in the strategy.

Why Should I Hire a Local SEO Provider?

Ready to start getting found on Google by potential customers near you? You need to hire a local SEO provider that specifically helps small businesses like yours and specializes in local search marketing services. They know the process and what it takes to help get your website ranking. Their process specifically helps businesses like yours and will keep your goals in mind as they work on your campaign.


If you’re not sure where to start, there’s several things you should do to make sure a local SEO provider is right for your goals and website. You want to learn about the SEO process and how they will help you with your local search campaign. What kinds of tasks, tools, and processes will they use to help your website rank? You want to learn about how you can track the progress of your campaign. And you want to make sure they have experience with local search marketing services. If you want to learn more about how to choose the right local search company, read our article that goes in depth on what to look for in an agency.



“As a professional of web site design and maintenance for more than 20 years, I can truly say that Boostability is, by far, the best in their industry. I have used other companies in the past for SEO services, but I never received the outstanding results that I have in the past two years with Boostability… If you are looking for real results with a team of seasoned SEO Professionals, then you should call Boostability. I have total faith in the company’s abilities. I am certain they could bring the same results to you.” -Nich Chiacchiaro, Clayton Industries

Boostability Gets You Found

At Boostability, we’re not just another local SEO provider. We’re obsessed with helping our small business customers get found online. From the second you connect with you, you’ll see that passion shine through.


We have hundreds of SEO experts working for all of our customers. We track millions of keywords every month, so you know your local search campaign is fueled by data-driven decisions. And with over ten years of experience where we haven’t been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update since 2013, we provide affordable local SEO services for small businesses around the world.



What is local search marketing?

Local search marketing takes search engine optimization, local business directories, social campaigns, and any other method of promotion to help a small business make a connection with potential customers in their area. All methods combine to help a local business become more visible online.



What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Local SEO is a member of the SEO family. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all the tasks that come together to help a website grow in the organic search listings on sites like Google. Local search services focus on the location of an SEO campaign to help small and local businesses reach more customers near them.



What is local SEO in digital marketing?

Local SEO play well into the digital marketing field. All digital campaigns help businesses connect with their customers and reach new ones online, which is where a majority of people look when they’re ready to make a purchase or do research. Digital marketing campaigns include SEO, social media campaigns, PPC, paid advertising. For small businesses, reaching a local audience is crucial. So local SEO plays well into helping these kinds of businesses reach more customers, and that reach can continue to grow when paired with other digital marketing campaigns.



How do I do a local search?

Wondering how to perform a local search? It’s as simple as typing in a location as well as what you’re searching for. For example, “donut shop in Salt Lake City”. Or even “car mechanic near me”. These kinds of searches happen when someone is trying to find a product or service in their area.



How much does local SEO cost?

Getting found online doesn’t have to be expensive, local SEO can be affordable and accessible for all budgets! There’s a variety of factors that play into ranking online, and they depend on your business needs and how far along you are with your search optimization efforts. When speaking with local SEO providers, they must take your goals, your location, your competition, your current website, and ultimately your budget into account when giving you a price quote. Check out our SEO packages and pricing page for more information!

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