In the name of fake news and cyber security, Facebook has been making huge strides to lock down their platform in ways that satisfies the users and makes things more difficult for businesses.  Over the last few months, Facebook has been promising to put new measures in place to better protect users’ data. This strategy is an attempt to win back the trust of users after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The latest of these updates will prevent third-party apps from sharing posts to personal pages. For new apps, this went into effect immediately, whereas the capability for apps that currently have the permission will end on August 1.

What This Means

At the moment, apps can ask users permission to post something on their personal pages. Users can block apps from being able to post without disconnecting from the app; however, this means remembering to opt out and then finding the option in Facebook settings. Alternatively, users can change the visibility of posts to “Only me.”

With the update, Facebook will remove the capability for third-party apps entirely, giving users more control over what appears on their personal pages.  Make sure you’re using a business page on Facebook because as of July 13 – you can no longer schedule posts to personal pages.  This also means that any apps used for employee advocacy will no longer allow your employees to share posts automatically.

Other Changes

The update includes several other changes. These impact things like data transfer outside the Facebook app, monitoring of compliance, and analytics. A few of the most important for developers include:

  • The deprecation of the Events API, meaning apps will no longer be able to RSVP to events on the behalf of users.
  • Only approved partners will be able to publish to pages via the Live API. Developers need to apply to the approved partner system by August 1 to continue publishing live and video on demand to pages.
  • It will no longer be possible to target based on gender and language for posts made with third-party apps. Age-gating will be limited.
  • Apps will be unable to attach their name and logo to images in Messenger.
  • There will be restrictions on apps in development mode.

If you have an app integrated with Facebook, you need to be prepared that you’ll no longer be able to post to personal pages starting August 1. You should also be aware of the other changes taking effect. For users, however, this update will likely come as great news — there will be no more need to worry about posts hitting your page that you forgot to disable.



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