On July 25, Facebook announced a 4K upgrade to their 360 video platform. This move broadens viewers’ capabilities to view 360 videos on their phones, on their desktops, and through Facebook apps on their 4K television.

Perhaps more importantly, this announcement also pertains to Facebook’s live, streaming video.  These live video streams are also now accessible in virtual reality, through headsets like the Samsung Gear VR headset.  Ironically, the ability to view these videos are not yet available on Facebook’s very own Oculus Rift headset.

Donate Now

Also, for non-profits and pages that want to support non-profits, Facebook now also offers a “Donate Now” button, supporting the non-profit movement toward virtual reality – the world’s new empathy machine. This article talks more about the potential of the “Donate Now” button in virtual reality.

Live 360 Video

Adding a 4K upgrade to 360 video further shows Facebook’s aggressive promoting strategy of their 360 platform.  Supporting live 360 video is one more step in making their live platform a more viable competitor for streaming video.

Facebook will officially partner with 360 video cameras to dub these cameras as “Live 360 Ready.”

To get started with your own Live 360 stream, visit Facebook’s 360 website: facebook360.fb.com/live360



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