Check Your Website Health [Infographic]

Check Your Website Health [Infographic]

Check Your Website Health Infographic

Check Your Website Health

Our very own Kylie Brooks said it best in her July blog post, 5 Things Your Online Marketing Company May Be Hiding.  She said…

“The best way to be healthy is to implement small changes in your diet and exercise regimen, and to be consistent.  Giving up too soon or thinking, “I’m done now,” after losing only a few pounds will result in an instant bounce back in how you look and feel… Website health is measured the same way!  In order to have a healthy website you need to implement small changes and be consistent with new, quality content. “

Her wise words were our inspiration for this brand new infographic!  Check your website health and flex your online muscles with a few rank raisers and engagement lifts.  Stay strong by ensuring you always focus on your website’s overall core strength before moving to any other area.

Soon you’ll learn you can’t focus on just one area.  The key to a healthy website is to do a little of everything and not too much of any one thing. Do a few online push ups and show off a little web flex.  Every day can bring you and your website a little bit closer to that “searchable physique.”

Want to be sure just how healthy your website is?  Visit for a quick rundown of just where your website stands.

Proud of your score?  Share your web-workout tips with us in the comments below!

John Tallent
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