On September 17, 2019, Boostability CTO Jared Turner met with Kimberli J. Lewis of SIINDA, host of the podcast Leadership Beyond Borders. Jared and Kimberli spoke about SEO basics, as well as what makes a great start up. To listen to the full episode, click here.


So Many Businesses, But So Few Successes

Kimberli began the show with a stat: there are over 125 million micro, small, and medium-sized businesses around the world. 50% of them fail in the first year. This failure can be attributed to a few factors, but one of the most prominent is a lack of an online presence.

Jared introduced himself and Boostability with the company’s origin story. Back in 2009, Jared and the other company founders discovered that SMBs often lacked the time to complete SEO services on their own. They created the company to offer a scaleable alternative that provides robust SEO services on a small business budget.

“The businesses simply want customers. The logistics and the complexity are just things they don’t really care to get into the weeds about,” Jared explained, “[Boostability] was really just a way to give them that benefit and not require [a high level of] level of [SEO] education to be present with their customers.”


Makin’  Money, Takin’ Names

Jared has been a part of three tech start ups. Kimberli took the time to ask him about his past experience. She asked how his career experience has given him insight into what makes a great startup.

While Jared acknowledged that a good idea is important, he quickly noted that, “Ideas are worth a penny a pound.” Instead, it comes down to the execution of an idea that differentiates a successful company from one that doesn’t achieve those high levels.

“The biggest thing that I’ve seen and observed in my career is that you have to have an exceptional group of people,” Jared said. “It really is the people, and they have to be executers. You can have a B -level idea, but you have to have grade-A execution. Execution is where it begins and ends with businesses.”

When asked what advice he had for small businesses hoping to develop a better web presence, Jared told Kimberli that finding the right provider is critical.

“Find a solid provider that gives you return for your money. A provider that’s comfortable with accountability. A provider that will show you the work they do for you. That’s the way for an SMB to get found,” Jared said.


What should you do next?

Boostability prides itself on its transparent procedures and small-business focus. While we’re the leading white label SEO agency, we haven’t forgotten where we came from. Contact us today to get started or learn more about white label SEO services here!


Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.