Product videos provide the most reliable medium to engage audiences and motivate them into action. That much is a given. But not all types of videos work the same!

In fact, different styles are better than others at accomplishing different marketing objectives. And understanding your options will help you create the perfect promotional material for your product or service!

In this piece, we go over three of the major marketing objectives most campaigns struggle to meet. We will break down how to accomplish these objectives and talk about what types of videos accomplish them best.

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Brand Values and Confidence

Managing a public image for your audience can often feel like walking on thin ice. What you communicate in your content is what your brand will be associated with going forward. So it’s best to invest in building a long-lasting, positive impression.

This is something that every professional video production company goes to great lengths to reflect in all of their content, and something your videos should include as well! And building confidence with the viewer is key when looking to make them a regular customer.

That’s why we recommend that you include in your content calendar videos that showcase your core values and present them in a relatable way.

Framing the way your brand works behind the scenes can help create the image you want for yourself. Company stories and customer testimonials are just two styles of videos that work particularly well for doing so.

  • Company Story Videos: Also known as company culture videos, these types of productions are documentary-style videos that showcase a brand’s identity and ideologies, as well as putting a spotlight on its people.

Company-member interviews are a staple of this style. Knowing the face of those working behind the scenes is helpful in getting the audience to relate to your brand.

Try interviewing your best and most passionate employees while keeping your selection as diverse as possible. This way, you’ll get different perspectives in your interviews and end up with a more comprehensive piece.

You’ll want your viewer to get a sense of intimacy. And help them see you and your brand as something familiar and safe.

These videos can also help when looking to grow your staff. Seeing an employee speak positively of their work environment can help new talent feel eager to apply for a job!

  • Testimonial Videos: These types of videos focus on existing customers of the brand, and letting them speak about their positive experiences with the company and their results with its products.

These videos should focus on emphasizing how your work changed your customer’s life for the better. They should provide a space for them to describe their perspective of the matter.

It’s important to show potential new customers how returning ones feel about your brand. Doing this helps them see that you value their opinions.

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Communicating your Product’s Value

One of the first and most important steps in promoting something is letting your audience know what it’s about!

The last thing you want is people not understanding what your product does or who your service is for. That’s why Product Videos and Explainer Videos remain such strong and widely utilized marketing tools.

They are very different, and knowing which of these fits your campaign better will go a long way in helping you promote your products.

  • Product Videos: This type of video, sometimes called product demo, is about showing what your product or service is all about in a slick, easy-to-digest format.

Product demos create a short narrative that shows an example of how your product works in the real world, providing an effective way to convey your product and brand’s identity.

Your product demo will be a lot of people’s first impression of what you’re selling, so it’s best to keep it simple and let your audience know what it is, who it is for, and how quickly they can get their hands on it.

We recommend highlighting your product’s strengths and best qualities, with an emphasis on how your product looks and feels, its primary functions, and highlighting the benefits it delivers.

  • Explainer Videos: In contrast to Product Demos, which show a representation of the product’s strengths and functioning, Explainer Videos address the viewer directly and offer them a more in-depth, informative way of learning about a product.

These types of videos work really well for products or services that require explanations for their features.

Online services are usually promoted through explainer videos because their subject material can be hard to grasp after viewing it once. 

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Dealing with Consumer Concerns

We’ve talked about how important it is to make your customers trust you. Well, now it’s time to talk about maintaining those relationships.

You might think boosting your conversions is all about the short term, but this isn’t true. For example, long-term relationships with your customers can eventually lead to exponential growth for your brand through recommendations and online traffic increments!

These two types of videos will help you create a welcome environment for your customers to return to. So if they encounter a challenge when engaging with your product, they’ll know where to look for help!

  • FAQs Videos: This type of video is about answering frequently asked questions from your customers, usually about your brand’s policies and your product’s functions and availability.

Maybe a newcomer wants to know more about what you’re offering, or a returning customer is having trouble using your product!

One of the benefits of having FAQ videos for your products and services is that it reduces the stress put on your customer support staff. The easier it is to access those much-needed answers and clarifications, the fewer support tickets will be opened each day.

  • Educational Videos: Educational videos are informative, concise, and to-the-point content pieces your brand could greatly benefit from using.

They don’t have the promotional nature of a product demo or an explainer video.

However, educational videos are not about marketing a product or service because, they can also help inform your audience about your business. They can be used to teach customers about behind-the-scenes developments, or show the making of a certain product. As a result, these type of videos can help them become more interested in certain relevant topics.

It’s important that your educational videos are handled by knowledgeable individuals. And that they can offer a premium source of information for your customers.

Going Forward

Well, there you go!

In conclusion, these are some of the most important types of videos to keep in mind when creating a marketing campaign. And doing this is not an easy task, but knowing is half the battle! Another way to kickstart your creativity and get inspired is by looking at some YouTube video ideas.

Now, you can make an informed decision about the best type of video to go with.

Consider your product’s strengths, your brand’s identity, and your relationship with your customers. Doing this will help you choose the style of video that best fits all three!


Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video production company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.