The content of the past has been replaced with a new form of interactive content. This one-to-one approach for marketing focuses right on the customer and their needs. Rather than selling to people directly and with purpose, interactive content marketing addresses how a company will solve a specific problem someone experiences.

Many online marketers find it difficult to create content that’s engaging. But, with ever decreasing attention spans, it’s important to create content that grabs the attention of your audience quickly and holds it.

Why Is Interactive Content So Engaging?

There are a few reasons why interactive content is so engaging for readers.

  • Personalized: There’s a high level of personalization with this type of content. It’s created to speak directly to each audience member and meant to sound like a conversation one-on-one.
  • Community: It’s interactive, stimulates conversations and allows others with the same interest to engage with one another. Things like Facebook quizzes allow people to share information and begin conversations.

The Different Types of Interactive Content

There are all kinds of formats that interactive content can take. Here are just a few of the most common types:

1. Quizzes

This is probably the most popular form of interactive content marketing. They seem like a fun way to pass the time online, but what they can really do is collect loads of information that helps you find out more about their needs.

2. Surveys and Polls

These can both be extremely helpful in collecting data on a specific issues or problems that people may be experiencing. You’ll be able to devise a specific marketing strategy and decide what steps you want to take if you know what your audience needs. If you keep your surveys short and provide multiple choice answers, people will be more likely to complete them.

3. Interactive Calculators

An interactive calculator helps individuals obtain specific information they’re looking for. Whether it be a mortgage calculator, currency exchange calculator or another type of calculator, if someone is looking to get an exact answer on something, you’ll be giving them the information they need which is of great value to them. These can be great lead generating tools for marketers.

4. Videos & Websites

Videos and interactive websites are wonderful storytelling tools, as they are highly engaging. You can pack a lot of information into even a short video and as long as keep it interesting, you’ll hold your audience’s attention for the duration.

Create Well Written and Proofread Content

It’s important to have well written and proofread content. If there are errors throughout your content, it doesn’t reflect well on you and can diminish your credibility. Great online tools exist that you can use to rid your content of any errors and polish it up before posting it for your audience.

Native Advertising

Native advertising can be an extremely effective marketing option because of its high return on investment in comparison to other advertising options. If you take a look at its high ROI and the highly engaging nature of the content, you’ll see that it’s an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Generating leads using formats such as quizzes are incredibly effective. They’re constantly appearing on Facebook and work very well on social media platforms. One of the reasons why quizzes are so highly effective and people happily complete them is because they don’t look like advertising, so an individual doesn’t feel like they’re being sold something.

Providing audiences with fun and engaging quizzes then offering them something compelling based on the results of that quiz can act as a powerful marketing tool.

There are a few things that make quizzes so effective and have such a high conversion. The most effective quizzes have these things in common:

  • Start off with an engaging title that’s both honest and clear
  • Contain thought-provoking questions and answers that engage the reader
  • Make the results shareable and worthy of sharing, so people will pass along the quiz and their results to friends, who can then complete it themselves
  • Based on the results, there will be a compelling offer for quiz takers to act on

Because they’re so engaging, interactive and easily sharable, quizzes and other interactive marketing content is highly effective. An average quiz gets shared close to 2,000 times, meaning you can collect a lot of data quite easily.

Interactive marketing content has now replaced the old forms of marketing. Rather than telling the audience what they want, interactive content instead asks what problem they are facing, then presents them with a way to solve that problem.

Using these different forms of interactive marketing content, you’ll be able to create content that captures your audience’s attention and effectively gets your message across.




Chloe Bennet is a content editor at Big Assignments and Assignment Help Australia services. She helps with content placement and writes blog posts. Also, Chloe teaches academic writing at Revieweal website.