When talking with our partners about some of the struggles they face and how we can better help, one of the biggest topics we’re asked about is just being able to keep up with the trends and innovations that come so often in the tech and SEO realm. And admittedly, with frequent algorithm updates, it can be difficult to keep up with it all unless you study it each day. But Boostability is here to help all our partners make sense of the updates and changes in the industry with full marketing support. 

However, if you’re going to sell SEO or be involved in the digital marketing industry, it’s important to be proactive and keep track of these updates. Then understand the purpose behind them. This article will teach you how to track Google Algorithm Updates and keep up with the changing industry.


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How Often Does Google Update its Algorithm?

Google updates it’s algorithm all the time. Sometimes multiple times a day! All in pursuit of giving a better search experience. Of course, most of these updates are unnoticeable. But a few times a year, Google releases a Core Algorithm Update that shakes up the search landscape. These include updates like Penguin, Panda, and most recently, June 2021 Core Update. Most optimized websites and those proactively working on SEO and good content will not be negatively impacted by these core updates.

Because of these regular updates, SEO trends constantly evolve and fluctuate. And whether you do the actual SEO work, or sell it as a white label reseller partner, it’s important to stay on top of these trends and to understand them when they do. While it’s frankly impossible to keep track of every single update coming out of Google, you can start to notice trends and times when your rankings drop or jump. When that happens, see if there was an algorithm update to explain it. 

Boostability helps all its partners with explanations on these updates to help educate them and their clients. But there’s ways for you to track them as well. Read our list here on the easy ways to keep up with the Google Algorithm Updates and SEO trends.


6 Ways Keep Up with Google Algorithm Updates

Catching up with the latest Google Algorithm Update can sometimes be a challenge to prioritize correctly. Here are 6 ways to help your business keep up with Google Algorithm Updates.

Review your analytics

You can see where your site ranks in Google Search by checking Google Analytics and Search Console. It is important to regularly keep track of what you see in your Google Analytics and Search Console. You should also track the keywords found on your website. Tracking the keywords found on your site helps to see how they are performing and helps you rank in organic searches. Keep in mind that if you are seeing significant and sudden changes, chances are there is something larger at play with Google’s algorithm like a Core update. 

Read articles about industry updates

Another way to keep up with Google Algorithm Updates is to read a variety of publications. The publications could be from Search Engine Journal, Moz, SEO Round Table, and Search Engine Land, and of course, here at Boostability. These sites contain resources and information about how to stay ahead of search engine algorithm updates. They can also prepare you with tips and tricks your business can follow to help stay ahead of the updates and changes. You can find most of this information through blog posts or articles. Utilizing these resources will help stabilize your SEO campaign and make it successful.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great resource to turn to when keeping up with Google Algorithm Updates and industry trend changes. Many SEO experts discuss the tests they’re running and what is and what’s not working for them currently. They also discuss whether or not they are seeing suspected updates and high volatility. All of these topics and more are the findings they’ve uncovered from the latest algorithm update. A strong example of an SEO podcast host is Marie Haynes. Podcasts are a great auditory assist for those who favor that way of learning new SEO information. 

Follow Twitter accounts

Twitter is the place for following live updates and trends. Following Google and other SEO experts on twitter is a quick way to learn about live updates about SEO. SEO experts, such as Google, will tweet out updates, tips, and tricks to help you stay ahead of the algorithm changes. Some ideas of important accounts you could follow to help be informed on these updates would be:

  • Google
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Danny Sullivan
  • Marie Haynes
  • Rand Fishkin

There are many more influential SEO leaders out there on Twitter, but these are a few to help you get started.

Google Search Console Central Blog

Make sure you read about algorithms and updates from the right source! The right source in this case is Google Search Console. Take the advice you need from experts and reliable blogs, such as the Google Search Console Central Blog. This is a huge resource for helping your business keep up with the latest Google trends, changes, and updates. It contains a plethora of articles that dive into numerous topics including algorithm updates. So be sure to add this resource to your list of things to regularly check up on.

Algorithm update forecasting tools

There are tools that predict upcoming algorithm updates and changes that your business can take advantage of. Tools like Mozcast and SEMrush Sensor provide a visual graph of the volatility forecast in the SEO industry. The higher it is, the more volatile it is and suggests an update or algorithm change is happening. Sometimes they are confirmed and sometimes they are not. Nonetheless, it’s a good signal to keep tabs on and possibly utilize your marketing business strategy.


Keeping up with all these changes and updates can be difficult. We know how hard it can be to change to a new direction when a new update or change comes along. Here are a few reasons why businesses may struggle with tracking Google Algorithm Updates and changing industry trends. 

Unsure of where to find the information

With infinite information just a search away, it can be a challenge to find correct and current information. Unless you work in SEO, it’s not common knowledge on where to find the right information, resources, and updates on where to keep track of Google’s algorithm changes. When a business doesn’t have an individual constantly focusing on Google Algorithm Updates and changes, it’s easy to miss trends within the industry. There are social media platforms such as Twitter that can help keep track of certain trends. However, checking these platforms can sometimes be a multitasking issue when focusing on other responsibilities. It’s important for businesses to constantly be aware and up to date on the latest trends and updates that change for your strategy to work effectively.

Thorough research is time consuming

While it’s already hard to know where to find the best resources, finding and managing time to research information is a struggle. Core algorithm updates should not be something a business rushes through. Researching core algorithm updates takes a lot of time to do so thoroughly. All of the options we listed to help track core algorithm updates take a lot of time. Most businesses and smaller teams don’t necessarily have the time to do this type of research to its fullest potential. While thorough research is very important to do well, it can be a struggle to find and manage the time to get it done effectively.

SEO expertise and bandwidth are required

When resources are limited, finding SEO expertise and bandwidth are needed more than ever. Testing out theories and ranking factors requires bandwidth and expertise. The more experience you have, the more efficient and effective you are. However, this takes time to develop. When you don’t have the time or the resources to gain and grow, the less expertise you have towards your efforts. Even if it’s a little bit at a time, gaining and maintaining your SEO expertise and bandwidth will help increase value to your efforts.

SEO requires continuous education

With any new subject you learn, you always start off with the basics. Once you’ve gained a good grasp of the basics, adding value and insight to what you learn will help the concepts stick. However, SEO is constantly changing. Even as an SEO expert, they have to constantly learn and continuously improve their knowledge and education on what SEO is and what is not a ranking factor. They have to do this to know what works and what doesn’t in their field. They could start a new marketing campaign and have to end up switching directions because of an update or new trend. SEO is constantly changing and it requires individuals, and especially experts, to always be aware of changes or updates.

Understanding the data requires knowledge and time

As we’ve learned from the examples above, SEO requires time and resources. When a business manages the time to understand the data, it’s important to know that it requires lots of knowledge and time. Measuring how well SEO is performing contains a lot of different factors that aren’t just ROI. With all of these different factors, there isn’t one platform to get all of the information from. There are multiple platforms that are equal to multiple data sources. With all of these multiple platforms, it takes time and education to know how to read the reports, gather and analyze data, and how to apply the data to a strategy.


How Does Partner Marketing Help with Tracking Google Algorithm Updates?

As mentioned several times, the search landscape changes regularly. So if you’re in the business of SEO or selling it, you need to understand these things. That’s why a good SEO partnership is crucial. Partnership marketing helps you collaborate between businesses to create a marketing strategy that mutually benefits from shared resources. Boostability has a full partner SEO program where we do the SEO work for our partners who in turn get a strong product to offer to their customers.

Partnering means you have actual SEO experts behind the scenes providing the work under your business and branding. It also means that you can rely on their expertise. White label SEO experts have the time, resources, bandwidth, and knowledge to deliver SEO strategies that will drive results for your customers based on all the latest information and updates. 

How can Boostability help?

Partnering with an expert agency like Boostability helps give you the extra expertise of Google Algorithm Updates and the latest industry trends and innovations. Our Boostability SEO Partner Program provides help with SEO tracking and more. Our product is entirely white labeled, which means we do the work under your brand acting as an extension of your team. 

We can help train your team members to effectively communicate with your clients with the latest trends and updates happening with Google and in the search industry. Boostability also sends out a newsletter that discusses all the trends and updates, as well as other helpful articles that you can refer to whenever you need it. 

Boostability sends out onesheets and other marketing collateral that you can use to support your clients and the SEO work performed on their behalf. Essentially, it shows the value of the SEO product to your customers. Additionally, our Partner Growth managers hold training sessions for significant changes to Google’s algorithm and provide clear outlines and speaking points you can then use with your clients. 

One of the biggest benefits of Boostability’s SEO Partner Program is Sales Support. If a partner or member of their sales team is struggling to answer complicated SEO questions or specific queries into the process, they can conference in Sales Support onto the phone call for backup. Sales support can also help throughout the sales process to answer questions and provide a more thorough explanation of SEO services. Our Sales Support team has a 30% close rate! 

What role do partners play in understanding SEO?

The entire point of this article is to help you understand the ongoing trends and innovation in the world of SEO and how to better keep track of them when change occurs. We provide additional help and support to our partners to cover all the bases. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can just sit back and relax. Partners and SEO providers definitely need to be proactive. It’s important to also educate yourself and your sales teams. Successful partners come from those who work closely with their partner growth managers and use the assets provided, as well as educating themselves with any additional questions. 


We Can Help You Keep Up with Google Algorithm Updates

SEO is constantly changing and here at Boostability we’re here to help. The more partners know about our SEO and the SEO industry as a whole, the easier it is to pitch and sell SEO services to their own clients.

Contact us today to get started!


Colton is the former Director of SEO Strategy at Boostability testing and defining the products and processes that make Boostability's customers successful. He was part of Boostability for over 8 years. Colton loves hanging out with his family and gaming. He runs a personal blog over at www.coltonjmiller.com where he discusses gaming, life, and SEO.