Some of my responsibilities have changed a little here at Boostability.  The world of SEO changes constantly, which means my job does too. I like it; it keeps things interesting. I am starting to work more and more with Google Maps and getting our clients optimized in that way.  Lots of local searches are showing Google Places at the top of the search page. With Google places, you can actually know how to get to that local business you’re searching for.  This makes finding a specific business even easier. The more information you have on your local listing, the better it is for the user searching for you.

Google loves it when you post pictures and videos onto its Place listings.  It’s a simple but rather effective thing to do.  Pictures they are great and can be submitted in .jpg, .gif, and most any format. The process is simple: just upload them from your computer (the best method I believe) or upload it from a URL.  But posting a video can be difficult or impossible if you do not have it in the proper format.

For any Google Places listing, you need to have all of your videos in a YouTube video format.  I’ve tried MP4, Divx, Flash, and other formats, but have had no luck. In the end, it makes sense that Google wants to have it this way since they own Youtube and also know that the format works. Here is a link for how to create a YouTube video if you do not already know how:

Then once you have this uploaded, you can easily just take the URL for the video page, and paste it in the video section of your Google Places listing! It is one more addition to your places listing and can make a major difference in what people think about your business. The more info you have on your Google Places page, the more professional your business looks, and you will attract more traffic to your page.

I will be working on giving you more information about your Google Places Listings, and everything else that can be of help to your online campaign.  As always if there are questions, concerns, or help that you need contact us here or give us a call.