I really like all of the work that I have been doing on the local maps clients we have here at Boostability.   We have a lot of great small businesses, and I love learning more and more about how to better optimize their listings.  At times, it can be a little daunting to solve some of the issues that come my way, but overall it’s a lot of fun and I look forward to working on them each day.  I wrote a post a few days ago about how to upload videos onto your maps listing, and wanted to share some more information on how to better optimize your listing.

When you are building your Google maps listing, you are targeting more of a local audience. One thing that can scare away local customers, and is frowned upon by Google is an 800 number. When people see your maps listing and see a toll free number as the main contact, they might assume you are trying to target a national audience rather than a local one.

When you want to be found locally, include a local number on your Google maps listing. If your company also has an 800 number, include it in the list of additional phone numbers.  Using your local number tells your customers and the search engines that you are legitimately a local company. Putting your 800 number as an additional line is going to make it so that your out of town customers can contact you as well.

Small changes like this make a huge difference in how your listing is viewed by Google. As you are working to optimize your listing, stay tuned here and I will continue to share advice as I learn more and more. Thanks for checking out our blog and if you have any other questions for your small business, please let us know.

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