Google+ now has business pages! For those that have joined Google+ already understand how simple it is to use, and building a business page looks to be rather simple. Now those that are not as tech savvy can have a way to promote their business in a much simpler platform than Facebook. It’s worth checking out.

Google released the announcement on their official blog here, and here is the video they posted on their blog as well:

This is really exciting! Our Boostability Page is live so add us to your circles Right now it is in the slow building phase, kind of like when Google+ was invite only, but the pages I have seen look great so far. Here are a few examples: Coldplay, Dell, Google + Your Business

It will be a lot of fun to see how these pages will become more of an influence on your Google Maps listings, your site ranking, and more.

Are you going to be putting a listing on Google +? You think that Google + will stick around at all and even impact your small business? I’d love to hear what you have to say!