As the world becomes more digital, businesses are turning to the internet for their marketing and advertising needs. While this makes finding products and services simpler for the internet-savvy consumer, it makes it increasingly difficult for business owners to stand out against competitors. Gone are the days when buying the biggest and brightest ad in the phone book was enough to get more business.

With internet marketing and advertising increasing at a rapid rate, it is important for business owners to have their website and their name out in the internet world. Many business owners hire internet marketing companies and SEO specialists to help optimize their company’s site in search engines, especially when they don’t have the time or expertise on how to do it themselves.

There are some keys to producing good online content that gets noticed. First and foremost, the proper use of the English language is important. In the world of instant messaging and texting shortcuts, proper use of our language is quickly diminishing. It is incredible how many websites have misspelled words or grammatical errors. In most cases, they are simple mistakes that could be corrected and eliminated with simple editing techniques. Creating a website, article, blog or other content online with proper English is vastly important. It is difficult to take a company seriously when they have their own commitment or catch phrase spelled incorrectly in bolded letters on their site.

Another key to producing good online content is to understand the audience. What types of people are being directed to the site? Images can make a significant impact on what viewers think of the site. If the website is for a women’s clinic, for example, having a black colored background with pictures of racecars will likely confuse potential clients more than help them. Similarly, a heating and air company’s website should feature pictures of air filters or repairmen replacing a unit rather than photos of a wedding cake or a car for sale. These seemingly obvious techniques can drastically impact how a customer reacts to a company’s site.


Part of knowing the audience is also understanding what level potential viewers are reading at. A computer programming company or an electrical engineering company will generally have much more complicated vocabulary and wording than a preschool’s site, but the audience, the potential programmers, should understand it. Similarly, a dentist that specializes in infant or pediatric dentistry should have a list of all the children’s procedures including fillings, fluoride treatments and first-time examinations rather than having the focus on root canals and veneers.

Writing good content is absolutely vital for all businesses. Many customers learn about a company through its website, and if a site’s content is written poorly, the customer will likely move on to find business with a competitor.

Impressive online content is surprisingly hard to come by, which is why it is important for businesses to be in good standing when it comes to the quality of their content. Whether it is blogs, articles, customer testimonials or the company website itself, having proper and relevant information online is necessary. While some businesses still manage to obtain new customers via word of mouth or previous customer recommendations, most get new customers from their websites and the internet. Having an online presence with legitimate and well-written content is necessary for any business in this electronic age.

Knowing the facts is also an important facet of writing good online content. Potential clients and customers visit the site to learn more, not to be confused. If the author of the site’s content doesn’t know anything about the company or its services, the content will probably less than par, and poorly written content can confuse a potential client or customer more than help them.

When it comes down to it, the keys to writing good content and having an outstanding online presence are writing with proper English and grammar, making the content applicable to the company’s mission, and knowing the audience.


Colton is the former Director of SEO Strategy at Boostability testing and defining the products and processes that make Boostability's customers successful. He was part of Boostability for over 8 years. Colton loves hanging out with his family and gaming. He runs a personal blog over at where he discusses gaming, life, and SEO.