The battle between Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ keeps getting more and more interesting. It all can be of great benefit to yourself, or to your business to start using all of these new tools.  This week there has been a new update added to Facebook that is rather interesting, it is called Facebook Subscriptions.

Facebook Subscriptions is a new feature that allows people to subscribe to your profile without having to be a friend. Rather than going through the normal process of requesting a friendship and then waiting for that person to accept you (or reject you), you now can subscribe to their feed and get that feed posted onto your home page to read what they are up to.

This also saves a lot of steps adding friends, and filtering out comments and posts that you are not interested in. I suggest you get to it and start a subscription service on your Facebook Page. It rather simple to set up, and this image with my profile shows you how to do it.

Just go to your profile page and click the subscriptions button. On that page it will ask you what kind of setting you want to have for your subscribers. This is where you will decide if you will allow them to post comments, or if you want to read the comments they post. Once this is done you are live, and can check out the “Subscribers” button that is also in that red box in the image, to see who is actually subscribing to your page.

If you have any questions about how to do this, please let me know. Feel free to go to the link above to my profile and subscribe. I try and keep it updated with information about blog posts that I’m writing. Please post any comments or questions below.