Business owners across the globe rely on SEO rankings as they give businesses a boost in the most cost-effective fashion. It is also one of the best ways to understand your target audiences better. Along with that, it increases the brand’s visibility and online searchability.

But it is not an easy feat anymore because every business has shifted online to become more accessible to their customers. This shift came as a result of the pandemic. It led small businesses to shut down and think of creative ways to reach their customers to survive.

This shift has also increased the competition in the market and a business’s desire to stand out. One of the best ways to make it important to stand out in the crowd. One of the best ways to set your business apart in the crowd is by leveraging the power of Social Media. Social media could have a positive impact on the SEO rankings of your website, leading to a jump in the business’s search rank on google. It can definitely act as an ally to SEO.

How do SEO and Social Media Work in Unison?

The content you share on social media must be the best to ensure it is well shared, liked, clicked, and discussed. Why is this important? It will generate backlinks and magnify the content on your website and drive organic traffic to your business website. 

– It is also known to amplify your reach 

– The more people you engage with, the higher will be your authority 

– You reach a wider audience 

While Google may claim that the social media followers, likes, or shares do not affect their ranking algorithms but it doesn’t mean your SEO rankings won’t benefit from Social media. 

Top 5 Ways to Make the Best of Social Media to Improve SEO

A quote by Gary Illyes states- “The context in which you engage online, and how people talk about you online, actually can impact what you rank.” 

This makes it clearer that success on social media can give a boost to your SEO. It can drive quality traffic to your websites. Sharing content with your audience allows connecting with them and building future advocates! This sharing of information creates a community of like-minded people as your audience shares it with their near and dear ones. 

Here’s how you can use Social Media to improve your SEO- 

(1) Generate Link Opportunities

This is one of the most talked-about ways to drive traffic to your website. Since this method relies on the audience to take action, without pushing them it becomes quite difficult to achieve. The high-quality links you share on your social media will become references for followers and bloggers.  On opening up the link to your website, it automatically generates a backlink.

Backlinks are very important as they are responsible for sending Google signals that your content was found valuable by certain resources. An increase in your backlinks will infer that the content on your website is valuable and hence worth a higher rank on SERP.

(2) Expand the Brand Awareness

Google, in its Search Quality Raters guideline documents, claims that a business’s reliability relies on its mention by customers. It means the stronger your presence on Social media the stronger your brand awareness is. It must also be kept in mind that you must be responsive and be able to solve your customer’s queries. This will encourage your audience to leave positive mentions of you which ultimately accelerates your SEO ranking. 

Companies on Twitter that regularly interact with their audiences claimed to have seen a boost of 19% in customer satisfaction! It is important to mention here that- Google is known to lay emphasis on how people talk about you or make mentions of you.

(3) Create Content that is Keyword Focused

The more relatable your content the more likely it is to be shared. Take your time to do research on your audience and understand what they want to see. After your analysis, craft content that is sure to chord with them! It’s called keyword-focused research. 

Your content will make a lasting impact on your customers when you pop up on their feeds. The content you produce can be repurposed and posted on your blog as well. By doing this, you would in a way be cross-promoting across the social media platforms. 

(4) Plan & Build Partnerships

Your audience is your biggest asset and also the most valuable one. Hence it is important to be regular with your posts to build a relationship with them. Your audience can grow when you build partnerships with other brands or influencers. 

Forming strategic partnerships is a common social media practice between brands and influencers. The most common example of this would be the Giveaways. A giveaway usually involves a contest and a prompt that requires the audience to follow the brand to be a part of the contest. It is a win-win for both parties! 

Fact:- A site created with a website builder is destined to be cheap and ugly, both in look and feel.

(5) Create Authority

Since you are marketing content, you focus on producing content that is high quality. It will help you establish your authority in that domain and label you an EXPERT. It means the information you provide would be reliable and will encompass your brand as well. 

Broadcasting content on social media increases your reach, discoverability, and brand awareness. Thereby increasing your audience and adding to your reliability repertoire. 

Key Takeaway-

When social media and SEO are combined, the chances of you attaining quality leads ORGANICALLY increase! Thus, allowing your business to grow and prosper. Following the five methods mentioned above will help you streamline your efforts and help you attain higher rankings.


Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.