Webmarketing123 just released a report that surveyed 500 different marketing professionals, asking what has the biggest impact in the realm of internet marketing. What had the biggest impact is not surprising, it is SEO.

I have talked about the difference of Organic (SEO) and Paid (PPC) before in a previous article and it is very exciting to see that there is a lot of professionals within the industry that support what I have been saying.  As you work on your online marketing strategy, be sure to put your efforts into SEO. PPC still has its value, but is going to more than likely going to be more expensive and does not have a long lasting effect like SEO.

If you would like to take a look at this report at all you can check it out right here. It makes for a very interesting read to see what experts in this industry think of all of the changes to the internet are affecting where your budget goes in online marketing. What percentage of your marketing budget is put into SEO or PPC? Would you want to spend more? Do you think its worth the effort and time to actually do it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!