Did you know that in the industrial world, steam powers many of the incredible machines that keep our world running? From aerospace, pharmaceutical, to even food and candy, these industrial processes require a steam source that can meet each of their specific manufacturing needs. 

Established in 1930, Clayton Industries has supplied high-quality steam and a broad range of in-demand boiler and steam products around the world for 90 years. Their innovative technology has helped drive global economies. According to their website, “Clayton Industries will lead the Steam Boiler Industry through the 21st Century by providing customers with reliable, highly efficient compact steam-generating systems, mobile steam generators and steam generator service. We offer superheated steam generators, medium pressure steam boilers and high-pressure steam boilers. Our water tube boiler technology leads the industry in safety.”

And although they service several different clients and industries across the globe, they never forget that client satisfaction remains a top priority. Clayton Industries web designer Nick Chiacchiaro has worked with the company for over 10 years. “The company has heart. They are a perfect example of a company that cares,” he said. “For such a technical mechanical company, they give very personalized service to their clients.”


“Boostability Understood What I Needed”

After their previous SEO provider shut down, Chicchiaro was in search of a new company to improve their website rankings. He narrowed his search down to five possible options and reached out to each of them. “I really felt like I wasn’t getting the attention from the other companies I was talking to,” said Chiacchiaro. “When I talked to Boostability, to me, they just felt better. They felt more like they understood what I needed, it felt more like I could work with them.”

In the first few months of his SEO campaign with Boostability, Clayton Industries saw improvement both in traffic to the website and in overall sales. And now, over two years of working on their SEO campaign, they still see consistent overall growth. 

SEO is known to be something you have to constantly stay on top of and adjust as things shift on the search engines. For someone in the website design business for years, Chicchiaro knows the importance of keeping content fresh and going over reports to find the best keywords for his campaign. He’s been most impressed with his customer service representatives who help him choose the right keywords and set the right expectations for success.

“We keep surpassing the number of keywords that show up on the first page and on our last call I had so many that went from page nine to page two. I had fourteen keywords that were showing up on the first page,” he said. 

One of the big wins for Clayton Industries was when they had to transfer their site from an old to a new platform. Chiacchiaro had expected that with the rollover, the website would lose some of its keyword responses. However, within the first month, the website hadn’t lost any of its progress but instead it actually gained momentum. He was not only thrilled with the successful rollover but was impressed with his customer service representative yet again. He appreciated that he can trust them with their industry knowledge and experience to help stay successful. 


“I Always See Results”

Chiacchiaro had confidence in Boostability at the start of his SEO campaign. “Within the first few months, we started seeing results. And they just kept getting better and better,” he said. “The reps gave me the confidence in Boostability. They made me want to stick with Boostability because I always see results.” 

With his experience in web design, Chiacchiaro knows that SEO is a full-time job. It takes time and adjustments to see those results. He understands Clayton Industries and with his expertise, he knows when to expect seasonal fluctuations in sales and traffic. As he’s made the right updates to his campaign alongside Boostability, he’s thrilled that Clayton Industries projections appear generally ahead from the previous year. 


“I am certain they could bring the same results to you”

“From the start, my client had seen an increase in inquiries for both sales and service,” said Chiacchiaro. “And this to me is the most important result. If you are looking for real results with a team of seasoned SEO Professionals, then you should call Boostability. I have total faith in the company’s abilities based on two-years’ experience with them. I am certain they could bring the same results to you.”

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