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Erika Eddington, witchy yogi and clever coder

Erika’s been a staple in the Orem office since May of 2015—even if you aren’t on the website fulfillment team, you’ve probably seen her leading yoga classes. Erika was born in Lich, Hessen, Germany, and grew up in Kent, Washington and Provo, Utah. She’s got a plethora of skills that would make even Mr. Darcy declare her accomplished, and she’s a champion of women in the tech industry to boot. We’re thrilled she’s here to lend us her expertise in web design and do a Tarot reading. (No, seriously, she reads Tarot. She’s so cool!) Keep scrolling to find out what makes Erika such a valuable addition to our ranks.

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Quick! An elevator pitch! Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.

(I’m a bit rebellious when it comes to word limits.) I’m a curly haired yogi who cares about social justice. I try my best to be an advocate and use my voice to raise awareness to bring healing for groups existing on the margins of society. Aside from being a designer at Boostability, I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor. I geek out over alignment and accessibility in yoga and get really passionate about yoga ethics. You can currently catch my classes at Sundance Resort, VASA and, of course, Tuesday and Thursday here at the Orem office.


How do you explain what you do to friends and family, especially when they’re not familiar with tech or SEO?

I design websites for small businesses throughout the United States and Australia. Or simply, “I do web design.”


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love being able to try something new that challenges my knowledge and learn new skills to apply to my designs. Also, I have the best coworkers and managers who make me laugh and make daily work life even more entertaining with their shenanigans.


What do you like about Boost’s company culture?

I love the collaborative atmosphere. I love that I have managers who I can approach with any concern and know that they’ll genuinely care and listen, without getting defensive, and will support me in my endeavors.


Describe an on-the-job experience where you grew your skills or learned something new.

I’ve been able to learn new skills as the BoostSites product has evolved and become what it is now. When I started here on the website fulfillment team, the platform we used for BoostSites was much more rudimentary. Using code was a necessity to design the site and it was fun to play around with CSS and learn new ways to meet our customer’s website needs. When we moved onto more intuitive WYSIWYG platforms, coding wasn’t as much a necessity and there was more opportunity to to learn new skills through Photoshop and Illustrator. (I still miss coding though!)


How has Boostability prepared you for your future or furthered your career goals?

One of the things I love about Boostability, is how much I’m encouraged to learn new things and pursue skills that interest me and will help me in my career. The skill that I’ve loved learning the most is Sketch, which has become somewhat of an industry standard and is used with our WordPress websites.


What’s your take on the digital marketing industry, especially from someone working in your particular role?

As someone who works both in this industry and a woman in the fitness industry, I have complicated feelings about digital marketing and social media. However, I think marketing and social media overall is becoming more aware and inclusive. I love seeing that happening!


What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I love being in the mountains, hiking and swimming in lakes and rivers. I practice yoga and read about yoga ethics and social justice through yoga. I’m learning to garden, so consequently I spend a good deal of time pulling weeds, consulting Chase Brown, and figuring out what on earth is eating my plants. I also love cooking and baking (my apple cake is the best ever), reading, and playing video games with my boyfriend.


What’s something unique about you that people couldn’t tell just by looking at you?

I sing opera and was formerly a vocal performance major before I decided a career in music wasn’t my thing. I’m a floral designer and do flowers for weddings and events.


If you could make a guest appearance on a TV show, what show would you choose?

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, obviously!


Anything else you want to share about yourself? 

I read tarot and love anything witchy and pagan.


Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.