With the start of another new year, it’s natural to think about all the amazing possibilities that could arise over the next 12 months. 2019 marks an exciting time for our industry and for Boostability as a company. And we’re looking forward to all that will come in the year ahead.


At Boostability, we’re passionate about the small business and helping them succeed, not just online, but in all aspects of their business. This passion drives everything we do as a company. We have a vision to be the global leader in small business digital services. We’re well on our way to becoming that. In 2019, Boostability’s services will be expanding into Latin America. This is a huge step for us to be able to partner with new small businesses in a region we’ve previously not worked in before.

But the expansion doesn’t stop in Latin America. Boostability will continue to partner with global leaders in small business services with several new international partnerships on the horizon. Those partnerships are throughout the world including the United States, and other countries beyond our current partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia and more, particularly in Europe.


For our ever increasing numbers of partnerships, we’re also beefing up partnership support in 2019. We’ll have many enhanced features including a new partner portal, increased content, and improved sales support. Partners are the heart of what we do here at Boostability as we improve the online presence of the small businesses they serve. We’ve cracked the code on how to help partners succeed. We look forward to rolling that out in the most aggressive way we’ve ever done in 2019.


All this growth for us as a company only adds more value to the small businesses we service every day. Our growth enables these SMBs to grow and compete no matter where they are located in the world.

2018 for Boostability was a huge year for growth with two high profile acquisitions. And we’ll continue to see expansion because of these two amazing companies into 2019. These acquisitions will only help us to expand our offerings and reach within the small business marketplace, which is only getting stronger.


In years past, large corporations have forced small businesses to shut their doors. But continuing into 2019, that trend is changing in a big way. Small businesses will continue to compete with big box stores, and not just compete, but succeed and thrive. Small businesses have figured out their niche that allows for personalized and specialized products and services that people can’t get anywhere else. Google, Amazon, and other tech companies lead the charge to help small businesses succeed by allowing them to list and sell products through their websites. Major tech and retail companies have programs that focus on helping the small business succeed.

As an SEO company with a focus on small businesses, Boostability will continue to help SMBs leverage all the technology that exists: things like cloud technology, mobile, voice and AI. The world is shifting, and if a small business leverages that technology, they can easily compete in the new frontier. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Boostability sees our continued focus and work for SMBs to be absolutely crucial for our country, and the world.


It’s never been a better time to be a small business owner. We will continue to innovate, and we’ll continue to enhance our digital products and improve on them. We’ll be true to our mission of helping our small businesses to grow. We’ll build and optimize everything with them in mind. 2019 is going to be an amazing year for our companies, and we’re thrilled with the new opportunities on the horizon that will benefit the small businesses we’re passionate about.