There has been a steady rise in the relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As more businesses switch to digital mediums to expand their scope over a larger market, the tools for SEO Content Writing become more relevant. SEO despite its popularity, takes some patience to master and inculcate in your website content. However, with the appropriate usage of SEO tools, you can help your content shine on major search engines.

To our benefit, however, there are plenty of SEO tools available online for your ease. These tools can support you in your pursuit to make more SEO-friendly content and ultimately help your website and content achieve a massive audience.

We have curated a list of the best SEO tools which are of great help especially with content writing. Using these tools regularly to optimize your content will help you navigate the maze of making your website and content stand out from the rest.


Best SEO Tools for Content Writing

We have listed out these tools to help you better your content significantly. Not only will these tools help you understand SEO better, but they will also help increase the visibility of your website over time.


SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools available. From analyzing backlinks, website traffic to conducting extensive keyword research; SEMRush provides you with comprehensive SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management solutions. A majority of freelancers, digital marketers, and marketing executives use this program for its SEO capabilities.

Apart from giving end-to-end SEO solutions, SEMRush’s ease in program usage makes it a very standard choice.

Google Keyword Planner

Another popular choice of SEO tools amongst freelancers and digital marketers are the Google Keyword Planner. This software can help with extensive keyword research. It has both a free version and a paid version. However, to access the free version one must have a google ads account.

Despite the paid version having better keyword researching tools, both the versions of Google Keyword Planner are one of the best keyword research tools for you. You can discover new and related keywords and also analyze the search volumes certain keywords are eliciting.


Buzzsumo is a content analysis tool that helps writers and marketers understand what content people are sharing across different platforms. With this tool, you can analyze the most popular content of various websites. And through extensive research, you can analyze the content the audience is reacting the most towards. With an understanding of the audiences’ taste, you can inculcate similar elements in your content to make it more user-friendly.

Buzzsumo gives you an extensive look into content analytics which is an integral part of making better and more SEO-friendly content.


Among the many other SEO tools, YoastSEO is one of the most efficient tools for you. It provides real-time feedback to you on the SEO optimization of your WordPress website. The program analyzes the missing elements from your content and sets your tasks in real-time which upon completion helps you optimize your website content to be more SEO-friendly.

YoastSEO has a free version and a paid version of the program. The paid version naturally offers more insight into the content to make it more user-friendly and help increase its visibility over search engines. However, the basic free version is replete with tools that can extensively help you make your content better for an online audience.


SEO optimization always calls for better readability when it comes to online content. Making sure your comprehensive content clearly reads to the audience is fundamental in writing better SEO content.

To help you make your content more approachable, the Read-able tool can benefit you greatly. Readable analyzes your content over several content scoring tests. These tests ensure your content is easy to understand and not overly complicated.

Readable using its algorithm determines the group-age that can read your content with ease. Based on that analysis, optimizing your content for your target audience becomes a simple task. Readable offers a free version on which users can get basic grammar and reading level checks. The paid version, however, gives an extensive insight into the content and how to make it better and more SEO-friendly.

To sum up, the advent of more businesses moving towards digital resources to expand their market has led to the legitimacy and popularity of digital marketing resources. Among these resources, Search engine optimization has proven to be crucial to help businesses increase the scope of their target audience. And with the appropriate usage of several SEO tools available online and even with the help of an SEO Content Writing Agency; you can make your content more visible online. Along with that, you can also understand how popular websites are optimizing their content and inculcate the same traits in your content.

In today’s increasingly digital climate, it is better to stay one step ahead of your competitors especially when it comes to digital content. The correct usage of SEO tools can help get you the edge your business needs.



Founder at Content Writing Agency. Harsh is a seasoned entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Professional Copywriter.