Cracking the CODE of Panda: The Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 4

Cracking the CODE of Panda: The Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 4

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Crack the C.O.D.E of Panda

Hey there Boosters! I am Andrew Eagar and welcome to another edition of The Booster Seat. This week marks the 4 year anniversary of the very first Panda update put out by Google. We at Boostability take Panda very seriously and we monitor pandas on a regular basis. Check out our feed. Oh, they’re so cute. Well despite their cute nature, Panda is actually a very penalty-related update put out by Google. Today, I would like discuss how you as a website owner can crack the CODE of Panda.

First of all, if you need a refresher on panda click here for an infographic that reviews the Panda update throughout the years.

Panda was an update that rocked the internet 4 years ago. Panda focused on quality content and would penalize websites with low quality content. Even with Panda being four years old, many webmasters still don’t understand how to overcome common Panda-related problems.

Here are my tips to crack the C.O.D.E on Panda:

C – Consumable

No, this doesn’t mean your content has to be food-related. It means you have to write for your users. For the many years before Panda and sadly the years after, some SEO’s wrote content for Search Engines rather than the end users. Writing content for users should be your focus. Consider what your users want to know, read, and share. Your users should want to “consume” your content.

O – Original

I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to who copied content from other websites and put it on their own. You know who you are. Duplicate content will affect your keyword rankings. Your website should add value online. Google sees value as original. Never duplicate content. Ever. For more information on duplicate content, click on the below video where I explain in more detail how duplicate content can affect your website.

D – Detailed

Nothing is more frustrating than going to a website, reading through all the content and not finding what you are looking for. As a website owner, you CANNOT afford to make that mistake. Be as detailed as possible. Organize your content in such a way that it isn’t boring to read ALL the details you are laying out. People read more than you think. Don’t be the website that makes all of us frustrated by not including details in your content.

E – Every Page

Apply all these tips to every page of your website. Your home page, Contact Us page, About us page, and even your blog posts. Do this with every bit of content you have on your website. Panda not only looks at individual pages but the website as a whole. Don’t hurt your chance of getting good keyword ranking by only applying these strategies to your “important pages”. Every page matters to Google.

Again, to crack the code of Panda, you need to ensure your content is Consumable, Original, Detailed and that it applies to Every Page of your website.

Well, that covers it for today. Stay Cool.

Andrew Eagar
[email protected]

The Director of SEO Strategies for Boostability, Andrew is an internet marketing enthusiast with several years of SEO Experience. Helping small businesses find success online is passion of his, as is spending time with his family and watching Parks & Recreation reruns.