Today is the 8th anniversary of the death of one of my all time favorite artists, Johnny Cash. With the power of social media, and specifically Google+, fans from all over the world have come together to work on what has been deemed “The Johnny Cash Project.”

This project was shared and worked on through Google+, it spread around the world, and you can clearly see how interesting and amazing all of the art work is.

There are a lot of great ideas and projects that local small businesses are doing, but no one knows about them. With the power of social media, these ideas can be shared.  To give you a little bit of an idea on the impact social media has on traffic, here is a graph from a site I visit from time to time called

That is an amazing increase in just the past year alone!  The amount of traffic coming from Twitter has more than tripled! This may not be the exact case for you and your business, but there are things that you can do to ensure your website is growing. First, make sure that you have a blog, and are sharing those blog posts with your customers. Once your customers see your interesting blog posts, this will get them talking about your business, and will hopefully lead them to share it with their friends and family. This will not only increase traffic to your site, but it will generate interest in your company. Make sure that you are targeting the correct audience and you can go very far online. If you need any help getting started feel free to ask me questions in the comments!