There are a lot of amazing tools on the Internet that can help you when you want to expand your business globally. One of the biggest and more known tools for this is Google Translate. Of course it is not a perfect tool, but can make a big difference for those that may not have the skills in a 2nd language.  Moving into a more of a global scale with your business is a big step to take.

The Google Webmaster blog has just recently talked about going international, and they discuss a topic that I have addressed before in a previous blog. While working to build your site, or work towards going to a bigger scale, you want to be sure that your are following the proper HTML code.  Using the same HTML Template in the design and layout of your pages no matter what the language, is going to make crawling and ranking your webpage much easier.

Of course if you are wanting to move towards a language that not too similar to English, such as Arabic, Japanese, etc, you probably do not want to have a fixed frame. If you don’t know what that means, your web designer should know.  It is all about how the framing and layout of your website.

As a suggestion, if you are looking to expand on a much smaller scale, I would suggest going from English to Spanish. There has been a recent influx of Spanish speakers in the country and it might be a great idea to reach more people with a Spanish section of your website. It also would be great practice to work towards translating to other languages and see if your HTML template will work.

Do you feel that this is a worth while venture for your small business? Post your comments below.