When you launch a new business and website, your goal is to get as many potential customers as possible. Besides traditional marketing, organic search results through the use of proper keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) will help your business thrive. Proper SEO is not an instant process though.

Instead of waiting a couple of days for proper search results, learn how a timeline of three to six months is more realistic for proper SEO building. After dedicated work on your website, you can rise near the top of search results and help improve your performance.

New Websites

New websites are created daily and must get added to search engine databases. The process can create a lot of clutter, and proper SEO will help a website stand out from the rest.

As you create a website, you want to rely on other links besides just the results found in search engines. Hyperlinks on social media or third-party websites will help add credibility to your website. Search engines will scan those websites, match keywords with your links, and naturally build on the performance. Once you establish a foundation and help promote your website, the SEO will naturally build and create prominent listings.

SEO Overload

In the early stages of a website, you may feel like you have to overload your website with keywords and locations to help build search results. Unfortunately, this process could damage your search rankings and make your website look fraudulent. There is no getting out of the extended timeline.

If search engine scanners see a website with overloaded keywords and phrases, it may interpret the site to be a bot or scam. Infuse your keywords naturally and use a variety of keyword options. For example, if you have a plumbing business, rely on other keywords besides just “plumbing”. Consider specific services you perform, like septic tank maintenance or clogged pipe cleaning.

Infuse the keywords naturally into the text as opposed to just lists or blurbs.

Active Websites

One of the main reasons obtaining a high position in search rankings takes a little extra time is because of the necessity of proof of an active website. An active website will publish content on a regular basis. If a website is stagnant and does not update its pages, then the search result rankings will go down.

The process takes time because you cannot just add a bunch of content and sub-pages in one day. Ideally, you want to add pages to your website on a consistent basis. One of the easiest ways to do this is through blog posts. Blog posts offer natural ways to add keywords to your website and will ensure your website does not become static.

After a few months of active changes, you will see some of the biggest search result improvements. Blog posts should include more than just text as well. Pictures provide another way to improve SEO and improve results. Meta tags and keywords added to the pictures will naturally increase your search performance.

Other Websites

As your business grows and expands, you will find search engine competition from other businesses. Some search results have been at the top of the rankings for years. A new website will not just knock them out of the top. Time is the key. You need to prove your website is active and worth rising up through search rankings.

Eventually, you can squeeze out the competition and watch the performance of your website improve. The rise in search results is especially important for local search results. When users search for a business in your town or local area, you don’t want to get buried past the first page of search results.

Give yourself some leeway as long-standing businesses remain at the top of the ranks. Slowly, you will notice your rank rise up as long as you stick with best SEO practices and content-building strategies.

Professional Resources

The more resources you dedicate to search result performance, the better results you will have. Doing all of the SEO work on your work may feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if you have a business to run on top of it. When you trust SEO experts, you will help increase the magnitude of your results at a much faster rate.

Professionals understand the importance of pacing. With proper scheduling, you can ensure your website isn’t overactive or too static. Professional services may also include content creation in the form of blogs and web posts. Blogs could get published directly on your website or through other blogs that link back to your own website.

Statistics and analysis will showcase your search engine results and how the slow-rise continues from month to month. As you look to the future, you can see how your website will have more visibility and potentially increase your business sales and opportunities.

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Kyle is the former Partner Marketing Lead at Boostability. Since graduating from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Kyle has developed a passion for creating SEO and Digital Marketing content to help educate and inform readers, customers, and partners through various marketing channels. He has previously worked with clients directly on Boostability’s Client Management team and loves to help businesses succeed online. Outside of work, Kyle enjoys playing sports, skiing, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family.