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How to Best Utilize “Near Me” Searches

Think about how you get people to your business. Are they mostly local customers found through social media or directories? Or is it by search

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Google Year in Search: Digital Marketing & SEO

As the year wraps up, we’re busy taking a look at some of the biggest trends from the last 12 months. 2019 was a pretty

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The Worst Industries for SEO (and How to Make Them Work)

SEO is a vital part of a modern digital marketing strategy, but for some industries, it requires a special approach. Knowing what types of businesses

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How To Tell the Difference Between Small Business and Enterprise SEO

A strong web presence is essential for success in today’s world. Your company’s website often makes the first impression on customers before you ever meet

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How to Improve Local SEO Through Local Content

The greatest gift that Local SEO gave to SMBs was a way to stay relevant in a digital age. And a way for larger businesses

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The Insider’s Guide to Small Business SEO

Once upon a time, marketing firms worked almost exclusively with large corporations. In the past 10 years or so, much of that changed. Marketing and

How Can I Get My Business to Show Up in Local Search Results?
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How Can I Get My Business to Show Up in Local Search Results?

This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and

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How Voice Recognition Will Impact SEO?

Voice recognition technology is nothing new. However, it has only recently become popular. When Apple released Siri, few users took advantage of the function —

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SEO Tips for Making The Most of Your Local Listings

You want customers. Your customers want information. Bring in more sales by creating and optimizing your local business listings online. In the infographic below, we

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5 Steps for Service Area Businesses to Rank Outside Their Physical Location

As an SEO for a service area business you might be asking yourself, how can I rank for cities outside my company’s physical location? This

Why is Correct Product Location So Important?
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Why is Correct Product Location So Important?

For most brick and mortar businesses, product location is a vital part of business. A retail store wants to put its best, trendiest, most popular,