Marketing professionals believe that by 2020, businesses will invest up to $79.27 billion in SEO. The reason for this is simple: Businesses understand that the best way to reach customers online is to remain at the top of search engine results for relevant queries. With multiple people competing for the same or similar keywords, the cost can increase significantly. To reduce cost and increase efficiency, many companies rely on marketing agencies that may in turn rely on white label SEO vendors.

What Is White Label Search Engine Optimization?

While label SEO describes a partnership between two main parties. First, there is the client, which is the company that needs its products and services marketed. Then, there is the private label SEO company that handles the SEO services. The client usually chooses to outsource the SEO portion of its marketing campaign so it can focus on other aspects of business. The SEO professionals then work hard to help it rank highly for the keywords that best suit its brand.

When there is a third party involved, the original SEO company then becomes an SEO reseller. How does this happen? Say you provide full online marketing services to all your clients. However, to provide these services, you may hire independent contractors or vendors who work under one brand umbrella belonging to you.

Thus, after your client outsources the responsibility to you, a third-party company partners with you to carry out the actual work. This is a common arrangement. According to Forbes, 59% of agencies outsource to white label SEO companies.


What Are the Most Important Benefits?

The answer depends on who you ask. However, an SEO reseller introduces many advantages for not just itself, but also the SEO company it contracts with, its client and the client’s customers.

1. Better Availability and Use of Skills

SEO requires skills that the original client may not have in-house. The client may also not know what to look for in an employee who can carry out such a function, and there is no guarantee that the employee will know how to do so alone. A marketing agency may also not specialize in this particular skill. Meanwhile, a private label SEO company would have all the skills necessary as this is its specific focus.

2. Economies of Scale in People and Tech

SEO requires more than brilliance and talent. It requires software that can be costly. It is much more cost effective for one SEO company to purchase an agency-level subscription than for individual companies or even separate marketing firms to provide their own. Because of this, SEO companies are able to realize economies of scale that they can then pass on to their clients, allowing everyone to save money.

3. Mutually Beneficial for Each Company

For the private label SEO company, receiving outsourced projects provides a steady flow of income. While the SEO reseller is outsourcing search engine optimization services, the SEO company is outsourcing the responsibility of sales. This makes for a mutually beneficial partnership sustained by results, thereby benefiting the original client as well.

4. Directs Customers to What They Want or Need

While many customers become annoyed by ads, good SEO provides a way for them to find what they need organically. Through good SEO, customers connect with their new favorite restaurants, clothing companies, charities or TV shows. Without it, these products, services or media would have passed beneath their radar, causing them to miss out.


What Does Effective White Label SEO Include?

Many companies see the end result of SEO services but have no real understanding of how it comes about. This is because, unlike advertisements, SEO mostly happens behind the scenes. Here are some of the key aspects of a good SEO campaign:

  • Link Building: When done effectively and ethically, link building can help to boost domain authority. It also helps to refer traffic from other sources to the client’s website.
  • Guest Blogging: One great tool for referring traffic and link building is guest blogging. By sharing relevant content on other blogs in the industry, companies can make a name for themselves.
  • Content Development: Companies will also need to develop content for their own blogs and social media pages. The focus is more often on writing, but videos and photos have SEO and entertainment value as well.
  • Keyword Optimization: When companies focus on on-page keyword optimization, they help specific pages rank more highly than others. What are the keywords that mean most to your client? What does the company already rank for organically? White label SEO companies will optimize the content accordingly.

Partner With Us

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