As we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, having an online digital presence with a strong SEO strategy in place is crucial now more than ever for businesses. Under normal circumstances, marketing professionals estimated that by the end 2020, businesses would have invested up to $79.27 billion in SEO.

The reason for this is simple: Businesses understand that the best way to reach customers online is to remain at the top of search engine results for relevant queries. With multiple people competing for the same or similar keywords, the cost can increase significantly. To reduce cost and increase efficiency, many companies rely on marketing agencies that may in turn rely on white label SEO vendors to help them successfully implement an SEO reseller program.


What’s the Difference Between White Label SEO and SEO Reseller Services?

Both SEO Reseller and white label SEO services  are very alike and describe a partnership between two main parties. First there is the client, which is the company that needs its products and services marketed by an SEO professional. Then, there is the company that sells the SEO services. Sometimes a company that offers SEO as an add-on to their primary service chooses to outsource the strategy and fulfillment to vendors that specialize in SEO. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing white label SEO and an increasing amount of companies are taking advantage of this. Once the white label SEO provider fulfills the strategy, the initial company will resell the SEO services as their own, under their brand.

Still confused? Let’s use an example. Say you provide full online marketing services to all your clients. To provide these services, you have one of two options:

  1. Hire independent contractors or vendors to fulfill services.
  2. Build out your own in-house team for each department (however, in-house options can quickly get expensive).

If you choose to partner with a dedicated agency and outsource the responsibility, the partner would carry out the actual work for your company and market it under your brand. As a result, you act as an SEO reseller.


What are the Benefits of an SEO Reseller Program?

This answer can depend on who you ask. Here are a few of the benefits an SEO reseller program can offer both your company and clients.

1. Better Availability and Use of Skills

SEO requires skills that your business may not have in-house at that moment. It can also be difficult to know what to look for in an employee who can carry out such a function. Especially if that’s not your primary service your business offers. Meanwhile, a white label SEO vendor would have all the skills necessary to help your business. As SEO is its specific focus, this would then allow you to successfully carry out an SEO reseller program to your clients and customers.

2. Economies of Scale in People and Tech

SEO requires more than brilliance and talent. It requires software that can be costly. It is much more cost effective for one SEO company to purchase an agency-level subscription than for individual companies, or even separate marketing firms, to provide their own. Because of this, SEO reseller companies are able to realize economies of scale that they can then pass on to their clients, allowing everyone to save money.

3. Mutually Beneficial for Each Company

SEO reseller companies are beneficial for vendors and agencies that focus on specific niches, such as SEO. This is because of businesses receiving outsourced projects that provide a steady flow of income. While the SEO reseller is outsourcing search engine optimization services, the agency or vendor is fulfilling the responsibility of sales. This makes for a mutually beneficial partnership sustained by results, thereby benefiting the original client as well.

4. Directs Customers to What They Want or Need

While many customers become annoyed by ads, good SEO provides a way for them to find what they need organically. Through good SEO, customers connect with their new favorite restaurants, clothing companies, charities or TV shows. Without it, these products, services or media would have passed beneath their radar, causing them to miss out.


What’s Included in an SEO Reseller Program?

Many companies see the end result of SEO services but have no real understanding of how it comes about. Because of this, unlike advertisements, SEO mostly happens behind the scenes. If you are interested in becoming an SEO reseller company and partnering with a white label vendor, make sure that the following are included within your SEO strategy to drive results for your clients:

Link Building: This is one of the most critical ranking factors and can help boost your website authority when done effectively and ethically. Link building also helps refer traffic from other sources to the client’s website.

Keyword Optimization: When companies focus on on-page keyword optimization, they help specific pages rank more highly than others. Useful keyword optimization helps to answer these questions:

    • What are the keywords that mean most to your client?
    • What does the company already rank for organically?
    • Are there new keyword opportunities to go after?

The company you decide to partner with for SEO reseller services should be able to optimize your content to compete for intent-driven keywords. This helps your clients stay relevant, present, and attract the right kind of traffic for their businesses.

E-A-T Worthy Content Development: Content is a key player in an effective SEO strategy. Especially when it helps build up your E-A-T and credibility with search engines, customers, or clients. This can apply to on-site content and blogs, but to social media as well. The focus is more often on writing, but videos and photos have SEO and user experience value as well that you should consider.

Guest Blogging: One great tool for referring traffic and link building to your content is through guest blogging. By sharing relevant content on other blogs in the industry, companies can make a name for themselves. This could also help build credibility within your business in becoming an industry leader.


Join an SEO Reseller Program and Scale Your Business

Now that you know the details of how SEO reseller companies function, and the benefits this can bring to your business and clients, ask yourself, is this the right fit for my company? It’s important to find the right partner to help you fulfill these SEO responsibilities for your clients while giving you the opportunity to scale your business

Boostability is the world leader in white label SEO and we value our partnerships with SEO reseller companies. Our goal is to help your business succeed and flourish. If you’re interested in learning more about our partner program, visit our white label SEO page for more details!


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Maja is the SEO Manager for the marketing team at Boostability. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Marketing, her focus has been on expanding her knowledge and skill set in SEO. Outside of work, Maja loves to go on hikes with her husband and dog, play volleyball, bake and cook, and try new restaurants throughout the city.