This article was first published on March 1st, 2021, and was last updated July 2023.

White label marketing is one of the best lesser-known strategies in the digital marketing industry. However, you probably don’t realize how common it is. Many products or services we come in contact with regularly come from a white label background.

This piece will give you an in-depth look at white label marketing. We’ll discuss how it works, standard products, and how it can help your business.


What is White Label Marketing?

White label marketing means providing a marketing product to another company under their branding. This other company will sell the product as its own, with the original company doing the work and providing the expertise. 

White label marketing offers a cost-effective way to add a new product to your lineup. Meanwhile, it provides the expertise to fulfill it without the overhead cost of hiring new staff and software. Ultimately, white label marketing allows you to scale your business.


white label marketing infographic


You can also work with a white label services provider. For example, you may have few employees if you run a small business online. How can you run your business, ship orders, and answer the phone at the same time?

One solution is to hire another company to answer the phone for you. This partner can take care of customer service and send the orders to you under your business name.

The same thing works well for marketing companies. With white label digital marketing services, another business can execute a digital marketing campaign for your customers. When they work for you, they always use your business name. That way, people think they’re connecting directly with your company.


What Does White Label Mean?

White label refers to a product or service produced or provided by one company but marketed and sold under another company’s brand name. White labeling is a kind of partnership marketing in which you find partners to help each side of the partnership grow.

White label is also commonly referred to as private label. In this type of arrangement, another business creates products for you. Instead of carrying the provider’s label, these items have the agency’s (or reseller’s) name. People who buy the products have no idea that another company produced them.

This kind of practice is more common than you might think. Many companies use a white label strategy to sell products or services. Grocery, clothing, and electric stores buy items from other companies and resell them under a new label. Service companies can set up a white label partnership with providers to offer services under their company name.


What’s the Difference Between White Label, Private Label, White Label Reseller, and Outsourcing Marketing Services?

All these phrases are often used interchangeably. They essentially mean the same thing that a provider sells their product to another company to sell under their branding. But below, we’ll go into the minor differences.


White Label

We won’t get into too many more details beyond what we’ve already explained. Just know a company that produces products or services that are white labeled sells them to another company to be rebranded and resold under that second company. This practice happens all the time!


Private Label Marketing

Private label marketing gets into the nitty gritty of how this servicing works. These products are made and sold under a specific company’s brand.

Think of clothing stores like Zara or H&M. Most of their products have their label on the tag. But they likely get their merchandise from several production companies and their lines. But it’s all sold under their name. Private label marketing works the same way. It’s a product made and sold under a private label by another company.


White Label Reseller

The white label reseller is the company that buys the product from an expert company, then resells it to their customers under their brand. This company is looking to scale its business and expand its product line without the overhead costs of hiring new staff. They also avoid having to purchase new technology to make the product work.

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Outsourcing Marketing Services

The term outsourcing can sometimes have a negative connotation. It brings to mind call centers in different countries. But that’s not the case at all.

Outsourcing marketing services is a common practice that allows for more excellent production and scalability for one company. However, there is a subtle difference between outsourcing and white label marketing.

Outsourcing is paying someone else to do something for your business, like outsourcing SEO services or social media marketing. White label marketing integrates this other company’s product into your lineup to sell to customers. That company still does the work for its product, so in a way, you are outsourcing. But the job gets done as part of your brand.


B2B White Label Marketing Partnership at Boostability

Up to this point, we’ve been talking B2B relationships. We at Boostability refer to this as Partner Marketing or our Partner program. We offer white label SEO for our partners to resell to their customers.

We’ve perfected this program over the years! When you sign up, we can get you selling in a matter of days and turning a profit in weeks.

Our Sales Support program helps close the deal with a customer when you’re ready to make the sale. Our customer services team talks to your customers as a part of your team and updates SEO customers on the status of your campaign. We have a white label SEO reporting dashboard for all our partners to check and see the status of every campaign regularly. All of this is done with our partner’s brand in mind.

We make the entire process affordable and easy to integrate so our partners can quickly help the small business customers succeed.

Common White Label Digital Marketing Services & Products

Like we’ve mentioned, white label marketing is way more common than you might think. Expert companies like Boostability with SEO services sell their product to companies who want to offer them. While we don’t disclose our partners, just know they’re some of the most extensive website and digital marketing companies.

Here are some of the most common white label reseller solutions out there. 

Most Common White Label Solutions


The Benefits of White Label Marketing for Agencies

Two main types of small businesses benefit from white label digital marketing. First, companies that sell marketing services to other businesses could use a third party with different experience. Second, small businesses need help creating and organizing specific types of campaigns for clients. Here are six benefits of using the white label digital marketing approach as an agency:

1. More Services for Your Clients

Your company may need more employees or time to care for everything your customers want. For example, you may focus on website creation. How can you also provide excellent SEO, blog articles, or videos? With white labeling, another company can handle the details and let you deliver the finished product.

Here are a few extras that this type of partnership could provide:

  • Social media influencers
  • Offsite blogs
  • Link building
  • Business reputation services
  • Professional photography
  • Infographic design


2. Advantages Over Competitors

Some markets have a lot of competition. The difference between someone choosing you or a competitor may be the company offering the best services. White labeling can make your company more attractive because you provide things that competitors don’t. The primary benefit is your range of services is more expansive, while the work required to execute remains minimal.


3. Access to a Larger Team

Having a marketing partner may let you take on more significant projects. Usually, your team may only be able to help a few customers at a time. If one of your clients needs dozens of website pages created, what can you do? That’s where white label SEO services help.

By working with content professionals, you can quickly adapt to larger orders. It doesn’t matter if you need 50 pieces or 500. Your digital marketing partner can find writers as necessary to get the job done on time. That gives your team the flexibility to care for customers in hectic circumstances.


4. Freedom To Focus on Your Business

As a business owner, you have important decisions to make. Your responsibilities include keeping an eye on accounting, sales, and marketing. Plus, you must hire employees and ensure company operations go smoothly. It’s not easy to balance all of these departments.

One solution is to let a partner take care of the little things, such as content writing or link building. That way, your company intelligently benefits from technology, but it doesn’t distract you. You can focus on the most critical areas of your business with as little stress as possible.


5. Help From Industry Experts

Some areas of digital marketing are constantly changing. For example, SEO services must stay up-to-date with changes to search engines such as Google. Things that worked great in the past may need a different technique now.

Partnering with SEO professionals who understand these changes can deliver better results. Some white label digital marketing agencies focus exclusively on SEO, so they know it inside and out.

Experts can be beneficial for pay-per-click advertising. Success in this area means choosing the right keywords for your customers. To get the most out of Google AdWords, you need someone who understands the statistics and how to increase clicks. That way, you maximize your ROI and avoid spending money on the wrong search terms.


6. Fewer Business Complications

If you want, your company can handle all digital marketing efforts in-house. You can hire SEO experts, Google AdWords experts, software programmers, and other professionals. However, it takes time to find people you trust. Also, you may have to spend a lot of money to convince them to work for you.

White labeling your digital marketing services means you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your content partner takes care of the heavy lifting, you bill your customers, and everyone goes home happy.


When to Start Using White Label Marketing Services

The choice of when to start using white label marketing services varies depending on your company’s needs. Here are a few scenarios to consider when deciding:

  • Scaling and Expansion: When a business grows and wants to expand its product or service, white label marketing is the way to go. Some companies choose to invest resources into developing new products internally. However, partnering with a white label provider allows rapid expansion without compromising quality.
  • Resource Constraints: Some businesses looking to expand may have limited resources, such as time, manpower, or expertise. A white label digital marketing partnership frees internal resources to focus on core business operations.
  • Specialized Expertise: Sometimes, businesses may require technical marketing services beyond their in-house capabilities. White label marketing services often have dedicated teams with niche expertise in specific industries or marketing channels. Whether implementing a targeted local SEO strategy or launching a successful link-building campaign, white label providers can offer valuable expertise.
  • Cost Efficiency: White label marketing services can offer cost advantages compared to building an in-house marketing team. In-house marketing requires costs to develop a product, train a new team, and build out extensive content. A white label provider already has those building blocks, making the partnership a cost-effective solution.


What to Look for in a White Label Marketing Partner

When looking for a winning solution for your business, it’s essential to find the right white label marketing partner for your business and goals.

First, you must determine the service you want to sell. What are your customers looking for or asking for? What could help you with the most significant retention over time?

You could choose from many products, so decide which ones to offer your customers. Then you’ve got to work to find the right partner to accomplish those goals.

There are different levels of white label digital marketing for you to consider. In a front-facing arrangement, your partner handles every step of digital marketing. This includes working with your customers and resolving problems. Back-end services provide you with content, letting your company deliver or post it.

You want to ensure your partner aligns with your goals as a reseller. Outline what you want to accomplish and why you’re seeking white label services to ensure they align with your goals. You need to ensure they have the expertise to take on all your clients to grow and scale with your business.

Ensure they communicate clearly with you and that both parties understand expectations and timelines before anything starts. Your partnership marketing plan needs to work for you!


Tips for Making the Most of White Labeling Marketing

Partnering with a digital marketing company can be a powerful tool for your business’ success. However, to get the most benefit, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Only work with partners you trust. When you place your company name on a product, it affects your reputation. Trustworthy agencies look for ways to increase your reputation and deliver excellent service.
  • Ask for more information. Great digital marketing companies can answer any of your questions. They should explain your options and provide packages for your company’s needs.
  • Look for experience. It pays to work with experts. There’s nothing wrong with asking for examples of past work. An extensive portfolio of happy clients showcases the extent of their experience and success.
  • Don’t believe promises that sound too good to be true. Digital marketing partners should be enthusiastic but honest. Avoid companies that promise things they can’t deliver, such as page one ranking for customers in 30 days. Instead, trustworthy companies should have data to show what you can reasonably expect.

Take your time when selecting a white label partnership. An excellent marketing partner (like us!) can boost your revenue and increase your customer base. Above all, this option can give your company a fantastic reputation.


Partnering with Boostability for White Label Marketing Services

With over 15 years of experience, Boostability has worked with partners and businesses of all sizes to help with their SEO needs. We’ve developed a proprietary technology platform that allows us to do all the work at cost, at scale, and customizable to your business and branding.

We operate under your company name to provide white label SEO services to your customers with our expertise backing the product. Not only that, we provide customer service, fulfillment, sales support, partner management, and marketing support to all our partners. This ensures they get the most out of their partnership with us to maximize the ROI.

Get started with Boostability today! Learn more about our white label SEO platform and how it can help scale your business and deliver revenue-generating SEO campaigns to your clients.



Matt Tennison has over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing sales fields, and over 15 years experience in high-level business development and partner relationships. Over his career, Matt has worked for large advertising publications and national agencies where he’s had great success in advertising sales, business development, and sales management. Matt joined Boostability in 2011.