In the fifth episode of Boostability’s series Search Sessions, Amanda Price (Vice President of Marketing) chatted with Boostability’s resident SEO experts Colton Miller and Mike Marsh about easy-to-implement SEO strategies for a variety of business verticals.


Boostability was founded specifically to help small businesses succeed online. With nearly 30,000 small business clients across the globe, we’re primed to understand how SMBs play a vital role in every market.

In this post, we’ll review the basics that every business, no matter the industry, should consider implementing. Check out this post for a deep dive on all the verticals we covered in the webinar.


Update your Google My Business profile.

Your Google My Business profile is usually the first thing potential customers see. While every state is different, you’re sure to have some restrictions in place on who and when you can provide service. If you haven’t updated your hours, do so now. If you’re a restaurant, note if you’re still open for takeout. Make sure your website is working and other contact details are up to date. Ensuring customers can get in contact with you is the most important objective.


Conduct a digital audit.

With the extra time you’ve gained from not manning the front lines, use this time to review your digital assets. Check in with your website, and see if it needs updating. Review your current inventory, and determine if you’re able to sell online. If there’s a way you can shift to digital, do it.


Form partnerships in your small business community.

This is a period of hardship for everyone, but it’s easier to face it with a partner. Extend an offer for partnership in your small business community and see how you can help offer key services to people in need. This allows you to join forces and increase your consumer base as well as your marketing efforts.


Reevaluate your keywords.

Because search behavior has changed, your strategy for finding users should too. Your customers are most likely looking for different things since this pandemic has started. Engage in keyword research to determine what that is, and start marketing accordingly.


Our communities are finding their new normal. We can help you find it, too.

While we all work to shift gears into operating in a changing business landscape, Boostability is here to help. We know that small businesses are the backbones of economies around the world, and we’re dedicated to supporting them through award-winning SEO and web design services. Contact us today to learn about our packages priced for small businesses trying to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.


Amanda is the Vice President of Marketing at Boostability. Amanda has 15 years of marketing and public relations experience. Prior to Boostability, Amanda was Co-Founder and CMO of PromoJam Social Marketing Platform, acquired by Deluxe Corporation in 2014.